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Rebecca Reid, author and mum-of-three from Bangor wonders just what variety of mummy she really is?

Okay, all you mummies and daddies out there. I’d say you know yourselves pretty well by now. Having a child tends to do that to people. You discover hidden aspects of yourself that you never knew existed. Both good and sometimes, bad. But have you ever sat back, glanced over the last few weeks, or months and thought, exactly what sort of parent am I? That’s exactly what I did recently. Not because I had had a traumatic day – which we all get every now and then – and not because I was having a mummy brilliance day either. It all derived from a casual chat in the playground where a friend referred to herself as a ‘shouty mummy’. This was totally enlightening to me. So I poked and prodded until I got to grasp with exactly what a ‘shouty mummy’ was. Then I looked around and considered what types of mummies (and daddies too of course) are out there, and these are the categories I came up with… Although I’m quite sure there are many, many, more sub-categories if you really break it down:

Shouty Mummy – These are the mummies you see that appear calm and collected. You may even look at them with a form of envy, seeing how casually they seem to deal with things. Light, gentle little warning here and there. Smiling sweetly at their little ones as they guide them into better behavior but then – and this is the deciding factor – then, like someone lit a firework and dropped it down their shirt, they BLOW! Just like that. No warning. Everything was all smiles and then with a flash of fiery breath they turn. And from there, they no longer speak. They shout. Hence the nickname.

Hippy Mummy – Oh these women rock. These women quite literally take everything, big and small in their stride. They paint at home and don’t care if they’re head to toe in blue splashes for the school run. They bake and stick and draw and plant. They do it all without a second thought to dinner because beans on toast for the third day does no harm when they’ve had such exciting fun. They don’t worry about the hovering, or the ironing. It matters very little to them if their home has piles of clutter. They are too busy planning tomorrow’s exciting outing and tucking their kids into bed not long before themselves. These are the hippy-chic mammas that rule the green zone and I love them!

Wired Mummy – Okay, now these ladies we see a lot. Probably more than any other. They are phone addicts. They carry their iPad in their handbag for quick entertainment. They are slightly disheveled and have a vague twitch from the three early morning coffees. They never quite hear what their children are saying because their mind is preoccupied with something else. They are tired from work and housework and life in general and sometimes the ground refuses to pucker up and swallow them (we are all prone to a little touch of this I think).

I looked at all these mummy types and I realised something… I’m a little bit of all of them. Some days I’m hippy, others I’m wired, and every now and then I’m shouty. But that’s what makes us great. We juggle and hop and spin plates all at one time and we wake up whatever way the world takes us. We are parents and with all the little charges in our lives, there’s no way to stay in one piece without hopping from category to category. So enjoy this new year with a little bit of everything and as for me, I’m hoping for a whole lot more of hippy.

Come on over to Rebecca’s Facebook Food Blog @freshfoodliving for lots of easy, healthy recipes for you and your family.

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