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Christmas & New Year 2017

The Countdown To Christmas

Rebecca Reid, local author and mum-of-four is dreaming of tinsel and sparkles…

With a hop, skip and a jump, we are bouncing (loudly and with a lot of glitter falling off) into Christmas. Oh yes, it’s almost here and guess what? We’re more excited than ever this year because not only have we been ever so good (mega good, Santa will be loving us with a big golden tick on the good list kind of good) but we have a first Christmas too! A giggly, tickly, drooly one. 
For those of you who regularly read my column, you will know that I am one for tradition. I adore creating little rituals that we can look forward to year after year. And why not? Isn’t it lovely, even for us big grown-ups (you know that’s not really true, we’re secretly just little people in big oversized bodies), to know all the fab things to come in the weeks ahead? And if we’re being honest, we don’t really do everything for the kids, do we? No, half the reason is we adore it every bit as much as they do – if not more sometimes – and they are simply our excuse should we possibly look a little smidge silly making cotton wool snowmen on our own.

This year we kicked off our festive season with a big family gathering at my sister’s house for the switch on of the town’s Christmas lights. Her house alone is a cavern of knick-knacks, vintage collectables and walls tumbling down with art and sculptures which have you looking around, open mouthed in wonder. The kids get lost in the Victorian Playmobil mansion and can be found upstairs petting the rats or wandering around her study, switching on all the lights in her collaged pictures. Add some fairy lights and Christmas magic, not to mention the odd tacky jumper, and it’s a world to get lost in. We warm ourselves with mulled wine, hot mince pies and whatever the kids and I have knocked together to bring along, before trekking hand in hand down to the marina, everyone bundled up in scarves and hats (our little cub stiff limbed with layers) and off we go to watch the fireworks. This is how we introduce the festivities in the Reid household but that’s it, one night of magic and then like the sparks of the fireworks overhead, it fades until mid-December. 

Then at last, it’s tree time. Like characters from National Lampoon, we go tree shopping, huffing and puffing around in the cold to find one that everyone agrees is just right. Not too big, not to short and always with one flat side to lean against the wall. We untangle our baubles, string up the lights and then sit back, mug of mulled wine one hand, mince pie in the other and admire it. Are you noticing how many mince pies we consume? Just a few I’d say. Yay, Christmas is really here. And what a wonder it will be for the little cub. He’ll never have seen anything so big and twinkly and utterly bashable as this. I can see it already, his little chubby hand swiping for it at every possible opportunity. And he will get it, a few times I’m sure, so I’d best tie it extra tight to that nail in the wall this year. Just in case. Now let the countdown begin (because I’m every bit as excited as the girls).

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