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Ni4kids' columnist Grace McGurk says "Ask a parent ‘What’s new with you?’ and they will probably think of their children first and what’s new with them!"

In the McGurk household it feels like everything happening is new!
Daniel and Conor are starting ‘big school,’ as it’s described in our house.

New uniform, including a ‘horrid and uncomfortable blazer,’ new PE kit, including PE socks that I can almost guarantee will become odd socks very quickly. New transport, since the 30 second walk to primary school will now be a journey on public transport.
The navigation of a new and extremely large school building, which secretly makes me want to attach some sort of tracking device to them in case they go missing. The introduction of a timetable, a totally new concept for them as well as having around ten teachers instead of just one to get used to.
A great deal of newness for my youngest sons, which certainly creates for me an emotional haze thinking about them being my babies and how they are getting so grown up now.

Ben is heading into 4th year, partial new uniform for going into senior school and, with having picked his GCSE subjects, it’s the beginning of a new type of school routine for him, a more concentrative work schedule. Ben will also have new types of responsibility at home, learning to do his own washing and ironing! Chores may be done enthusiastically at the beginning, when it’s still a novelty, but I’m holding onto the hope that he will love his newly found independence as he gets older.

What’s new with Sam is something that will have an impact on all of us as he takes a year out before university, moves out of home and does something entirely different. He has decided to volunteer for an organisation called Youth for Christ for a year, with the Nomad Cage Football Team. It will be an exciting year for him bringing with it a lot of new experiences and opportunities. He is a week away from packing his belongings and leaving. My pride in him will only be dampened by the emotions which accompanies the mixture of feelings for a child leaving home for the first time.

His brothers are presently more preoccupied with ‘what’s new’ with them, understandably, there is the occasional reference to Sam’s empty bedroom. His brothers actually missing him when he’s gone will probably hit them at different stages, a family event or outing he’s missing maybe or when he’s not around to give them a lift somewhere!
I have four sons getting older and bigger, two having surpassed me in height and two not too far behind, all experiencing very new things. So ‘what’s new’ with me? Well I have a new car. And having never had a new car before this is certainly a new experience for me!

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