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Rebecca Reid, author and mum-of-three gets back to nature…

I don’t know about you, and some would say I am a freak of nature, but I just LOVE outdoors, even in winter. I love everything about it! The bare, stark trees. The cold, crisp ground. Even that icy wind that scorches your cheeks and burns your nose. I love all of it every bit as much as I love spring. This is where people think I’m crazzzzzy – even my children at times – but guys, what is better than an ice-cold walk before returning home to your cosy fire, whipping up some hot chocolates and snuggling down for the rest of the afternoon. Not much.

I have a motto (not one I necessarily say aloud, but I live by it all the same).
A little bit of outside, makes a little bit of a mooch feel good. Any day we get the chance, which for my younger two is mostly every day, and my eldest, due to a swamp of homework and a big year ahead, means she manages to miss out most of the week until the weekend – we get outside. Not in rain… those days we grab some games and settle in for the afternoon by the stove, but mizzle, well, what’s the harm in a bit of mizzle? Our dog would tell you if he could talk. Wind. Snow – especially snow – we LOVE getting out in the fluffy white stuff, but then what kids don’t? And yes, I’m also referring to all you young-at-heart grown-ups there too! And all the days that shine, we grab our coats and get some fresh air. Be it bikes, Heelys, scooters or just our feet, we go walking.

There are so many beautiful forest and beaches nearby that we’re spoilt for choice. There are parks and rivers, castles and fields. Whether you walk straight out the front door or jump in the car, you don’t have to go too far to find some natural beauty in Northern Ireland and that’s half the reason I keep doing it.
My girls know the places they like the best and we rotate on where we go enough to keep everyone’s needs satisfied. One walk is best for hands-free cycling. Another has the best paths for Heelys and then there’s always the scooters. Either way, our dog comes along for the journey and funnily, it seems he likes the fire on return just as much as we do.

The thing is, with baby number four just around the corner, I can’t help walking every step knowing that this time next month I won’t be quite so carefree. I’ll be back to the buggy workout, one hand reeling in the dog and the other pushing the youngest up the hill on her bike. Nope, things will never be this tranquil again (or at least not for a few more years), so I’m taking in every moment with that little bit more relish before it’s all whipped into a frenzy again. Whatever happens, you’ll not find us cooped up indoors for too long, not with all that natural beauty out there.


Mother and kids looking at beautiful sea view
ID 44385572 © Jaysi | Dreamstime.com

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