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Rebecca Reid, author and mum-of-four from Bangor comes face to face with oversharing...

There are so many aspects of parenthood that take you by surprise. No one and nothing can prepare you for the first time your baby wees in your face. Or the time you’re sharing a bath and they decide to poo. And things get no better. No matter what you’ve been told by all the other mummies and daddies around you, from your mum to your best friend, you are still left gobsmacked when your little darling hands you a handwritten note, in somewhat legible English, saying something like this, ‘I’m sorry I picked my nose and wiped it on my duvet. You asked why it was dirty and I lied. It was snot.’ Lovely.

Welcome to my week! Yes, number two has suddenly taken to oversharing and not just a little bit, it is constant. Maybe you could blame me, I’m not too sure, but perhaps you could. You see, we have an honesty policy in our house that says, ‘If you tell the truth about something, you will not get in trouble’. I find it works a treat. Why lie to cover something up when admitting to it results in nothing worse than a little chat? Lying, well lying comes with its consequences. Therefore you see, it is maybe my fault. Matilda has decided that if she tells me every little thing, I mean EVERY SINGLE LITTLE, TINY, MICROSCOPIC thing, then she will never get in trouble. Now all you mummies and daddies out there know that we turn a blind eye to manys a going on. We go deaf when we hear arguing, we turn our back when we know something sinister may be about to happen because sometimes it’s just better not to know.

What we don’t see won’t hurt us. Right? It’s simple logic, otherwise we’d constantly have someone on the naughty step. So when I started being hand-delivered confessional letters, I breathed a heavy sigh. At first I read them, then it got to the point (after she’d told me about wiping snot on her book and accidently saying her sister was stupid) that I refused to take them anymore. ‘No thank you Matilda, I don’t need to know’ I would say. Did she listen? Did she heck. Next I knew, there were little folded-up letters appearing on worktops, bedside tables and even piles on my pillow. It took a week of me telling her I still hadn’t read them, for her to stop and we’ve got there. Finally. I haven’t had a letter for days but those ones about the snot and a few other disgusting, but hilarious, things have been kept for when she’s older. Much, much older.

There really are certain things about the private lives of my children that I’d much rather not know about (mainly bodily functions) but there is a reason for this. I like the bubble of belief that gross things don’t happen, and I’d prefer not to know otherwise.

*Note to reader – I wrote this whole column one-handed with our baby cub snoozing over my shoulder. Being a mummy just rocks.

Come on over to Rebecca’s Facebook Food Blog @freshfoodliving for lots of easy, healthy recipes for you and your family.

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