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Letter from the editor

Hooray...things are hotting up at last and we can finally ditch the thermals and enjoy the sunshine, longer days and getting outside.

We have some great game suggestions for encouraging outdoor play and if you can’t wait to bring out the barbie, check out chef Paula McIntyre’s delicious recipes for al fresco’ dining.

In the spirit of spring and getting back to nature, we’ve also got some terrific ideas from the Ulster Wildlife Trust for creating art in the wild and I take my boys back to one of our favourite places to explore, Rowallane Garden.

We’re starting to get really excited about the 2016 Ni4kids Family Awards, and our biggest thanks go out to everyone who made a nomination this year. It was a really difficult job selecting the final shortlist which will now go forward to the judging panel. Find out who’s in the running to be walking down our red carpet this June at ni4kids.com/familyawards

Of course the good weather means that exam season is also coming closer. Dr Ramya Mohan offers some helpful advice on how to help your child through exam stress and childcare expert Elyssa Campbell-Barr discusses her new helpful resource for parents for what can be another stressful issue, ‘Choosing Childcare’. And with Fostering Fortnight approaching in May, our ‘My Story’ interview this month features an amazing couple who have opened up their home to children for over thirty years.


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