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Halloween 2017

Ghoul Times

Rebecca Reid, author and mum-of-four goes ‘BOO!’

It’s the season we love almost as much as Christmas (but not quite), the time of witches and ghouls, werewolves and mummies, when the witching hour takes on a whole new meaning – yes, it’s Halloween. And this year it’s that little bit more exciting than last, because it’s our cub’s first.

It may be extreme, but my kids have been talking about it since the last day of summer. Yes really, since August! We hadn’t even made it back to school yet and I was getting, ‘Is it Halloween next week and then Christmas?’ or ‘We’ll have to start looking for costumes mummy.’ I had to laugh because to all the little kiddies out there, life really is all about four things – summer, Halloween, Christmas and Easter. After that, nothing else matters much… and why should it?

So back to Halloween, it’s coming and the big party night is approaching. This means lots of prep and even more excitement. The biggest query of all, is what will our littlest member go as for his big Halloween debut? We had all kind of suggestions, a spider with his big sister Miss Muffet? However, we quickly decided that she wouldn’t be strong, or patient, enough to carry him around all night, so the duo idea went out of the window. We then lurched to a pumpkin, the Grinch or a ghost? We went with ghost. Yep, our little cub will be wearing a pillowcase as a dress with a big ‘BOO’ sewn on in black. The others are still deliberating between clowns, mad hatters and road-kill ballerinas. Yep, really, this is a thing! Oh yes and masked ball attendees – this one I like. Me? I’ve no idea what to be this year but yes I will be dressing up and I will be rhyming. As hard as I may try to linger by the gate, they usually manage to drag me up a few of the driveways to houses brimming with zombies, vampires and monsters. It’s the stuff of movies and I can’t get enough of it if I’m truly honest. Who doesn’t want to see a grown man in a zombie cheerleader outfit opening the door with his headless wife partying behind him?

Next, is the party prep. We have a ‘Blind Man’s Search Box’ to fill with all things tasty. A bowl of worms (cold tinned spaghetti) to fill with all things gross – usually consisting of old apple cores, bags of smushed-up food or hideous experimental concoctions. Then the baking begins. Ghosts on sticks. Spider cookies. Pumpkin stew. It’s a night of silliness that you just don’t get away with at any other time of year and I for one LOVE it. We do dunking for apples, a bone (plastic of course) hunt in the wilderness of the back garden and sparklers – even in the rain. If you’re going to do it, do it right I say and hey, throw some goo and sparklers in too.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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