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Autumn 2017

Autumn has arrived and I’m sad to say goodbye to the long days of summer, though the thought of embracing autumn/winter 2017 fashion is making me see RED and I couldn’t be happier!

If you’re thinking ‘That’s it. She has finally lost it’ please bear with…

The recent launch of Belfast FASHIONWEEK’s twenty-fourth season gave us a little insight into what to expect in the boutiques and on our High Street this autumn/winter and I, for one, am very, very excited.

This seasons trends are shaping up to be very good news for my wardrobe. Why? Well, rather than the old-fashioned system of one look being "out" while another is "in," designers appear to have broken down the boundaries of what can be considered of-the-moment. Many of the looks are enjoying a third or fourth winter season – the infinitely wearable chunky knit / midi skirt combo for example and this is excellent news. Not only am I used to this particular way of styling, but it's highly likely most of us will own one or more pieces so we can get going again without delay.

Then there are the genuine new trends that could have been designed just to make me smile. At this time of year when the weather is grim, and there doesn’t appear to be anything to look forward to until Halloween, clothes can be a way to lift your spirits. This is why I’ve seen RED – from head to toe! From vibrant colours to the feathers, fluff and frills being embellished upon every item of clothing imaginable, there will be no shortage of fun being had in design circles. Even the simple addition of a pair of bright boots will bring your wardrobe into the here and now.

This issue, I’m highlighting my favourite trends of autumn/winter 2017; many of them you will have seen before so hopefully you won’t have been completely ruthless with your wardrobe cleanses over the years (oops!).

This year we are being urged, not to be pretty in pink, but be seduced by a scarlet woman! This is fantastic news for me as I LOVE red! While a pop of colour can be acceptable for those who like to nod to seasonal updates, the more adventurous of us are being encouraged to go red or dead. Red to toe as it were!

It can’t just be a coincidence that whenever the state of this planet seems discouraging, we look to outer space for inspiration and this season is no different. NASA’s journey to Mars and the discovery of new solar systems are a welcome respite from a world in which the leader of the free world effectively endorses neo-Nazis, Europe deals with a spate of terror attacks and we face up to the implications of Brexit.

Blasting off with a tribute to Barbarella, Blade Runner and all things space age, there are various options available for those of us that want to rock it (rocket – get it?) this season! Happily, we have been blessed with more glitz than backstage at RuPaul’s drag race. Silver leather/pleather jackets, boots and slinky metallic dresses and chainmail tops offer a celestial theme to this year’s take on all things intergalactic – I’m sure you’ll find ‘space’ for Zara’s silver metallic dress (£29) in your wardrobe!

A bit like boho (remember that?) but better. This seasons folklore will tell of eclecticism at its finest – big on print, pattern, embellishment and colour, designers throw it all together so you can wear it with confidence. Ruffles, lace and of course shades of cream all work together with plush velvets to add an ethereal touch to a trend that Gucci has been perfecting since creative director Alessandro Michele took the helm in 2015 and now it seems everyone else is finally catching on. On the High Street Monsoon is where to go for stand out glamour if their Hermione black Velvet Cape (£199) adorned with artful embroideries is anything to go by and local retailer DV8 also showcased a gorgeous cream ruffled blouse at the BFW launch.

‘70s CHIC
The '70s seem to be here to stay. It may not be groundbreaking but it sure is pretty. The 1970s is a perennial favourite among the fashion pack but for this season it was the clear winner in terms of nostalgic inspiration. Full-length floral dresses worn over jeans or with cowboy boots, 70s colour palettes of camel, tobacco and orange and some serious statement coats.

Spanish fashion giant Zara and sister company Stradivarius have completely nailed this look, as have Primark with their £20 floral maxi dress and £30 faux fur coat – but don’t they always? This decade is so rich with inspiration, from boho to Bowie, it's no wonder it keeps coming back around. Pick the aesthetic that speaks most to your style, and go with it. Don’t be scared to mix and match especially with the ’70s and folk trends – you can’t go wrong with whatever you want to wear, however you want to wear it. Be proud, no matter what you are wearing. As Aunty Gok says: ‘It’s all about the confidence.’

This year’s Belfast FASHIONWEEK takes place from October 26-30 at various locations throughout the city. The full show schedule is available online at or Tel 028 9024 6609.

Fashion Notes:

The highly anticipated Esmara by Heidi Klum collection has just landed in Lidl stores across the country. Named ‘Heidi and The City’ (in tribute to the supermodel’s favourite city New York) the
20-piece collection of stylish wardrobe staples helps you create perfect day-to-evening looks with tailored suits, bomber jackets, super-skinny jeans, romantic lace and rock-style leather. Prices start from just £4.99 and stocks are limited so hurry!

Image: Black Lace Dress, £12.99

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