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16 October 2017

Letter from the editor

I’ll never forget the look on my youngest child’s face (aged three) last Halloween when he grasped the concept of trick-or-treating.

At first, he had been happy enough to don his favourite Batman dress up and head out into the night to join his merry band of neighbourhood friends, ‘We get to play outside in the dark tonight? Okay, cool!’ He was slightly less enthusiastic about being handed a small cauldron to carry and kept trying to ditch it underneath hedges, but a couple of houses down – when the penny finally dropped about its purpose, i.e. to carry his treasure trove of treats – instead of hanging back while his friends knocked the doors, it was all I could do to keep up with him as he raced around frantically in case the sweetie stocks were in short supply. We love the spooky season in our house, but not everyone feels the same way. Find out in this issue how local parents really feel about All Hallows’ Eve.

As it’s our Halloween issue and as you would expect we’ve included a few gruesome surprises inside for you. Find out how, and why, the Ancient Egyptians made mummies, we have some repulsive recipe suggestions for Fright Night the kids will love and there are so many spooktacular events on over the next few weeks, we’ve created our biggest ever monster what’s on guide so you don’t miss a thing!

If Halloween’s not your cup of witches’ brew, never fear! We have a gorgeous autumn craft to make courtesy of the National Trust, every parent will be interested to hear what professor of business and psychology Adam Alter has to say about the dangers of too much tech and if you could do with a good laugh, you must read Sam Avery’s hilarious account of his journey into fatherhood.

On behalf of all the Ni4kids team, I witch you a happy and safe Halloween.


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