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Halloween 2016

Scary clowns are currently terrorising the streets and a real life billionaire bad guy is running for President of the free world so this issue I’m asking, ‘Batman – where are you?’

I carry around a secret inner desire to be Catwoman all year long, and this is why I love Halloween – this is the one night when I can let her roar!

Halloween gives us a chance to be something we’re not, and we like that release, whether it manifests as something sexy, scary, funny, or annoying, right? For me it manifests as Catwoman, who seems to be all of those things somehow.

Tara spends the month of September trawling the internet for her costume and then emails me links to or trails me down to Elliotts on Ann Street to avoid the October rush and queues. Jim and Charlie, like most men, don’t give it much thought but I – on the other hand – take ages to commit to a costume and inevitably have a major panic around the middle of the month so, this year, I’m upping my ghoulish game. This year I am going to nail Halloween!

The best Halloween costumes are inspired by the year’s most memorable moments, and 2016 has been nothing if not memorable…With the most unique presidential election in US history, the revival of Pokémon, box office blockbusters from DC Comics and Beyoncé releasing her visual album, Lemonade, it is safe to say that this year’s top Halloween costumes will be interesting. So who will you be and how do you achieve the look? You don't have to spend a fortune on a costume or three hours doing your make-up to totally slay at Halloween. These looks are so now, so hot and so easy to recreate.

Girl Power
Fierce, fearless females remain popular this year with the return of the Amazonian warrior princess herself – not Queen B – but Wonder Woman. The first appearance of the DC superheroine in the recent Batman V Superman trailer nearly broke the internet. Add in the high anticipation of her own movie coming in 2017, this costume has become a coveted commodity. Everyone from ASDA to Jokers Masquerade has a version of Diana Prince’s costume and prices range from £20 to £56.99 for the deluxe version.

Who Runs The World?
Speaking of Queen B, Beyoncé’s masterpiece visual album “Lemonade” is bound to inspire many of the Bey Hive to emulate. One of the easiest costumes is actually the iconic look from "Hold Up" and a great way to channel Bey's flawless fierceness, especially considering that you only need a few key pieces. A long blonde wig, mustard-yellow maxi dress, a wooden baseball bat and strappy heels. If you don't have a bat (which is inscribed with "Hot Sauce" in the Lemonade video), you can simply carry a bottle of Tabasco sauce!

Feels Good to Be Bad
Harley Quinn – another DC comic darling, Daddy’s little monster, looks set to bring her candy-coloured quotable craziness to Halloween parties this year as Google recently reported Harley-wear related searches as one of the key phrases sought this month. For your Harley-ween look all you need is: A baseball bat (the must have Halloween accessory this year) blue and pink make-up, pigtails, red and blue shorts, a torn white t-shirt/baseball shirt, fishnet stockings, boots and the other accessory of the season – a choker. New Look or Accessorize are great places to capture these elements and you can actually wear them afterwards… okay maybe minus the make-up.

Game On
Unless you’ve been living in Gotham, the Pokémon Go revival cannot have escaped your notice. To make your own Pokémon trainer costume you simply need: A baseball cap, athletic leggings (this one is easy as sport chic is so now!) trainers, a backpack, fingerless gloves, Pokéballs (or sports balls painted red and white) and a stuffed Pokémon toy. If you don't have a stuffed Pokémon toy or a Pokéball at your disposal, you can just copy your kids and look down and swipe at your phone all night!

As for me – after debating whether to choose the Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry or Michelle Pfeiffer version – I’ll be heading to to get my claws on their Alaina Black backless jumpsuit for £25 and then to New Look and Primark to snag a few little extra pieces to make my Halloween anti-hero look just purrrfect.

Happy haunting folks x

Style File

Must Buy: It will be a clean supermarket sweep for Lidl’s new Esmara Autumn/ Winter collection as soon as it hits the shelves this month. Go wild in the aisles for classic winter coats, faux fur gilets (from £11.99), jumper dresses (from £8.99) and a brand new range of underwear coming in December (from £5.99) all at a price that won’t make you feel guilty for splurging so close to Christmas.

Must Have: The object of lust for your handbag this autumn should be Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest journal. Featuring a ribbon marker, gilt edging and gold foil embellishments, jot down your notes and dreams within this magical world: £12.95 from the gift shop at the Ulster Museum.

Must Do: A dark lip. An essential for the spooky season but if you only dare to wear it one night a year, try this very affordable shade from Primark at just £2.

Captions – Choker, Accessorize
Deluxe Wonder Woman costume, £47.99;
Harley Quinn
Cat Mask, £4.99; New Look
Aliana Jumpsuit, £25;

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