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Summer 2013

Paws for Thought

The holidays are almost here and we continue to live in hope that the sun will shine on us through July and August.

Assuming that we are not flooded out (as usual), I thought I would give some advice this issue for keeping our pets cool and healthy during hot weather.

• Apply sunscreen to light skinned and light furred dogs. Although their fur helps provide protection, areas around their mouth and ears are susceptible to sunburn. Cats with white ears can be prone to skin cancer on the tips of their ears so apply a high factor suncream to these areas on sunny days.
• Always provide your pet with fresh, clean water—regardless of the weather. Remember that they may need more than usual during hot spells.
• Know when playtime is over - don’t keep your pet outside for extended periods of time; your normal exercise routine may need to be reduced during warmer weather. Going for two or three short walks per day is less strenuous than one long one. The best times to exercise your dog is early in the morning or after sunset
• Familiarise yourself with the warning signs of an overheated pet: heavy panting, difficulty breathing, drooling, weakness, etc.
• Never leave your animal alone in a parked car, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Cars heat up quickly and can cause your pet to overheat, resulting in death
• Give your pet a trim! Cut your furry friend’s thick hair but be sure to leave enough for protecting his skin from the sun’s harmful rays
• Beware of insect bites: your pet might have an allergic reaction to a sting or bite and will need to have the wound properly treated to maintain good health.
• Make an appointment with the vet. Make sure all vaccinations are up to date and find the best flea and tick prevention medications. Fleas and ticks breed rapidly in summer months so prevention is better than cure. At Ards Vets we have special offers on Flea treatments all summer long.
• Some dogs (especially white coated varieties like Westies) can be prone to allergies at this time of year. Grass allergy can result in scratching and hair loss. If your dog is displaying these signs, take him to the vet, who can prescribe suitable treatments.
• Beware of bones! If you’re having a barbecue, make sure none of your guests are slipping your pet treats like ribs or chicken drumsticks. The brittle, cooked bones can cause untold damage if
they become stuck in an animal’s throat or gut.

Most of all, get outside, have fun and enjoy your summer

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