Sunday, 18 February 2018
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Easter 2017

Letter from the editor

What gets you hopping with egg-citement about Easter?...

Going on an egg hunt? Eggs-ploring new places with the kids? Or is it just the perfect eggs-cuse of creating new ways to eat chocolate? It’s an emoji face (with two hearts for eyes) from us to all of that!

Inside this issue, author and mum-of-two Natalie Savvides is on a mission to make us all feel happier, while our helpful money-expert Elf is also on a quest to bring your family financial ‘appiness. In our opinion piece, we ask is it finally time to put a stop to parents smacking? And find out how something no bigger than an iPad could be your child safety hero.

To celebrate the holiday, craft expert Tracey Radford shows us how to put all those eggs-tra cartons from our egg decorating efforts to good use by turning them into cute Ruby Rabbits, and in our family food feature, Alice Fotheringham serves up delicious Easter treats that little bunnies of all ages will adore. Talking about cute creatures, find out all about some of our most interesting rare breeds, and where you can meet them.

On behalf of all the Ni4kids team, have an egg-cellent Easter!

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