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Rebecca Reid, author and now mum-of-four from Bangor gets to grips with baby number four…

Here we are. Our little brood has gone up a number and gosh it’s a change. Who knew that another baby could be such a shock. I mean, come on, three newborns down the road, I figured nothing could startle me… but I was wrong. 

Before now, I knew that every little bundle brought with it, kicking and screaming, not just a brand new set of lungs, which reach unthinkable heights, but also a personality all of its own. Even without speech – or co-ordinated movement – babies all have something uniquely theirs and our little cub is no different. The biggest thing of course being that he’s a boy. Ohhh yes! We have just opened our little girly fort to a boy and the girls couldn’t be more pleased. There’s suddenly blue things sitting around. Boy toys arriving as gifts, that seem to fascinate even the eldest of my three and the balance has already shifted in the few weeks he’s been here. Yup, there’s definitely a hormonal change in the air. For the good I hope. At least, I’m certainly telling myself that. 

But having a boy isn’t just exciting – it’s shocking too – more for me than anyone I think. Daddy? Well he’s coping just great with all the new testosterone floating around. Me, well let’s just say I was working with bits I was intimately familiar with before, but now I’m dealing with changing nappies where the wee doesn’t just stream down and absorb into your knees, oh no! This is a much more dangerous game of dodge and myself and the girls have been caught out more than once. So, we came up with a Bounty Challenge to see if we could avoid the shower and we seem to be winning.
Then there’s the extra little toughness in his body. I’m not just imagining it, the boy is robust. Much more so than all my little ladies when they first came into the world. He’s already such… a boy.

It sounds ridiculous putting it in words, but honestly, it’s true. And the biggest change, the best change is that this time around, my other three are all old enough to enjoy it. To be a part of what’s happening and understand that this is new life, and it’s ours, and although it’s often noisy and annoying, and makes mummy grumpy, it’s also the most exciting, lovely thing in the world.
We have glowing little faces arriving in the doorway at the first sign of light, just to give him a morning kiss and see when he’ll be getting up. We no longer have arguments about who gets to play with what Barbie, but instead who gets to nurse him while mummy makes the packed lunches.

I’m still finding the balance between them all, and there are times when I slip up and someone doesn’t get as long as they’d like, or another misses out on his quiet time and gets stuck with him as a screaming, wriggling tike. But that’s all part and parcel of this new journey and at least we’re all in it together. Girls and boys making it work. Good and bad, I’m loving every second. With the exception, of course, of the crying hours between 6pm to 8pm… those I would happily avoid. 

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