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June 2016

Letter From The Editor

One of the biggest challenges I find I continually face as a parent is trying to control my eldest son’s use of screens. Any screen.

Weekend days are spent moving him off a device in one room, to then realise after a little while of suspicious silence and no cries of ‘I’m bored’ that he must have found another.

I’m all for all things, from favourite sweet treats to Minecraft, in small doses and moderation, but sometimes I feel that I need a little advice myself on how much is too much? Although I tell my children (more often that they like to hear) that Mummy knows best and is an expert in most things – #littlewhitelies – who do we parents look to when we need some parental guidance? In Talking Tablets, we ask local parents what they think about a demand for guidelines on the use of tablets in our schools.

June is a very special month on the Ni4kids calendar for two reasons. One, because it is the month when we say a huge thank you to all the family superstars across the country who have been selected from hundreds of nominees to become finalists in the Ni4kids Family Awards – find out who will be gliding down our red carpet this year on June 27 – and also because in June we have a tradition of honouring Father’s Day, and all the amazing dads out there, by hearing a bit more from the boys.
We catch up with our favourite award-winning blogger Tom Briggs and hand the Style Counsel baton over to men’s grooming guru Jason Shankey.

It’s always a good idea when running a busy family to plan ahead, which is why in anticipation of those long summer holiday days in July and August we're full of bright ideas and super suggestions for action-packed summer camps. And find out why the Ulster Wildlife Trust want your family to go wild this June.

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