Wednesday, 22 November 2017
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Christmas & New Year 2016

Letter from the Editor

'A tree, a real tree Mummy!’.

My three-year-old and the kitten are beyond themselves with excitement that there is a seven-foot Norway Spruce in our kitchen to a) hide behind and b) climb – just the kitten thankfully. My eldest has been practising hard for no less than five choir appearances at the school Christmas fair,
church carol services and local light switch-ons, and I have been organising panto tickets,
babysitting schedules to cover Christmas work parties and trying to think of extraordinary gifts to give my family that will ensure gasps of, ‘Oh that’s just what I wanted’ on Christmas Day.

Yep, there’s a lot going on in December so this year I’ve decided, possibly influenced by a certain Christmas advertisement by a well-known supermarket, that more ‘me and you time’ for my family is actually a pretty fantastic gift. So, me and the kids will be making choccy gifts with love in our kitchen (check out our food feature for recipes) and taking advice on how to have a more ‘chilled out’ family Christmas from relaxation coach Sinead York.

I was really moved by two of our contributors’ articles for this issue. Christmas and New Year is a time when we reflect on our blessings – read Posts of Christmas Past by Kerry Thomson – and a time to think about others. Mum Rebecca McAlister is also asking if perhaps we could all show some patience and goodwill to children with autism during the excitement of the season.

It’s been another amazing year full of memories and I hope yours were special. On behalf of the entire Ni4kids team, have a wonderful Christmas and see you in 2017...

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