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February 2018

 Letter from the editor

Whatever your views on the pros and cons, there’s no avoiding the fact that for many of our children a future career in tech is not only very likely, it’s also what they see their grown-up selves doing.

One of the most daunting dilemmas faced by parents, and the source of endless discussions and stories in the media, is achieving the right balance between giving our children enough access to tech to benefit their education, keep them entertained and in touch away from home, while at the same time avoiding the health risks of screen-time overload, keeping them safe from predators and finding unsuitable content. It’s not an easy undertaking and considering that even the experts and Government still have to come up with better solutions to keep everyone safer in the digital age, there’s no doubt the issue will remain a talking point for many years to come.

Inside this issue we are focusing on the positive and looking at ways in which parents can encourage and guide their kids by Talking Tech with Amazon’s Ellie Trotter and considering the Future of Work with Bank of Ireland’s William Thompson. You'll also find some extremely useful advice on how to keep all your family safe online from the PSNI.

As February is the month of St. Valentine’s Day and the world is awash with hearts, we asked chef Stéphane Reynaud to share a couple of traditional French dishes the entire family will adore, and who doesn’t love a good party? Find inspiration for your little one’s next big birthday bash in our Birthday party feature.

Speaking of celebrating, it’s 20 years since the first Belfast Children’s Festival and 2018 is going to be the biggest and best yet! We hope the kids love our special BCF travel activity cover pages and mums and dads don’t forget to check out some of the highlights in our what’s guide and get the dates in your diary.

Nadia x

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