Thursday, 22 February 2018
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February 2018

The Future Of Work

William Thompson, Head of Consumer Banking NI Bank of Ireland UK, explains why keeping up with the pace of change is a huge challenge for everyone but especially for parents, like him, who want to guide and prepare our children for a digital world… Read more..

  • Family Finance: Money & Motors

    According to the Money Advice Service January is the most popular month for car loans.William Thompson, Head of Consumer Banking, Bank of Ireland has some tips to help you hit the ground running if you are planning to change your car this new year. More..

  • Food Smart at Christmas

    The average household Christmas day food and drink spend last year was £159 but with a bit of forward planning, Jill Smyth says there are still lots of ways that you can reduce your bills at the tills and still have a fabulous Christmas. More..

  • Family Finance: Party without the Price Tag

    Community Programme Manager with Ulster Bank Jill Smyth asks have you ever sat down and worked out how much you have spent over the years on your children’s birthday parties or attending birthday parties? More..

  • Family Finance

    Ulster Bank's Jill Smyth has some top tips for back to school money savers... More..

  • Family Finance

    This issue Jill Smyth is asking do you have a handle on your debt? More..

  • A Good Investment

    Jill Smyth reveals why teaching children about money matters as early as possible is a wise move... More..

  • ‘Tis the Season

    Rachel Cleary reveals why despite being the season of giving, it’s important not to let the month of December play havoc with your finances. More..

  • The Grand Plan

    Rachel Cleary says the invaluable help of grandparents with childcare can help save, not just your sanity, but also the family budget. More..

  • The ‘D’ Word

    With the amount of 'unsecured' debt rising in households across the UK, Rachel Cleary's advice is if you don't need it, don't buy it! More..

  • Back to School Money Woes

    With September looming and the school bell practically beckoning Rachel Cleary decides she can't put it off any longer and takes her three-year-old son uniform shopping. More..

  • The Summer Budget is Bad News for Families

    Guest columnist Marie Marin OBE, CEO of Employers For Childcare Charitable Group, reviews the impact of what the Summer Budget could really mean for many local families. More..

  • The Summer Childcare Challenge

    The school holidays might signal two months of carefree days for children, but for working parents the summer holidays can be anything but. More..

  • Family Finance

    Ni4kids finance columnist Rachel Cleary wonders what will the election mean for your family finances? More..

  • Family Finance: Bon Voyage

    With spring in the air Rachel Cleary has some great advice for saving on your family trip this summer. More..

  • Saving can be Child’s Play

    ‘Saving for a rainy day’ are very wise words but not always the words that a child wants to hear as recently confirmed by my three -year-old son says Rachel Cleary. More..

  • Tax-free Childcare – Time To Do Your Homework?

    While most of us are aware that paying for childcare is one of the biggest expenses that working parents face, the extent to which childcare costs can impact on a family’s income may still come as a surprise. More..






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