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Autumn 2013

 My Family and Other Animals

Camping late in the season always has its risks but not wanting to give in to the blatantly obvious signs of autumn nor the televised flood warnings, we continued to squeeze every last piece of equipment into the car. Read more..

  • Feeling the Heat

    Back to school, back to work and already our holiday seems like a distant memory. More..

  • Moving On

    So the kids had no sooner finished school this year when a stationery list for the next year was thrust in my hand. More..

  • The Big Smoke

    I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I find holidaying and travel in general, quite stressful. More..

  • Dad is...

    Dads come in all shapes and sizes; some are clean shaven, others have whiskers which leave an uninvited rash on your face, particularly after a rather overwhelming tickling session. More..

  • Behind Bars

    The text sent to my husband from my eldest daughter read, “Mum and Charlotte are in the pet shop looking at hamsters!” More..

  • Cyber Mum By Lyn Magill

    Yesterday, as I was walking through our local shopping mall, I noticed two friends who appeared to be out shopping together, nothing strange about that I hear you say. More..

  • Never Again

    Ni4kids columnist Lyn Magill reveals the dangers behind hosting a sleepover. More..

  • Mr and Mrs by Lyn Magill

    Well that’s Christmas over for another year, and a strange one it was this year as I seem to have spent a lot of the holidays in work. More..

  • Mr and Mrs

    By Lyn Magill More..






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