Thursday, 17 August 2017
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August 2017

Style Counsel: August Collection

By Cathy Owen. Style Counsel's regular columnist Stephanie Berkeley is on holiday. Read more..

  • Style Counsel

    Stephanie Berkeley reveals her October collection... More..

  • Style Counsel with Stephanie Berkeley

    Summer is officially over and I have so fallen for this fall’s fashions readers. It seems like all of my favourite trends appear to be making their way back from the fashion wilderness onto the catwalks and into my wardrobe. More..

  • Style Counsel

    Wow how lucky have we been with the weather this summer? As I type, I am sitting in a pair of denim shorts and Brian Lichtenberg tee with every window in the house open, sipping on a Pimms. More..

  • Style Counsel

    What an amazing start to the season we’ve had; the sun is sporadically shining, temperatures are hitting the dizzy heights of 20+ degrees, and leaving the house is beginning to raise the predicament of what should I wear? More..

  • Style Counsel: April Collection

    Why is it always at this time of the year that I seem to be besieged on all sides by temptation? No more so than when I’m nipping into my local supermarket for a pint of milk! More..

  • Style Counsel

    Ni4kids' style consultant Stephanie Berkeley says spring is in the air, so it's time to lighten up folks! More..

  • Style Counsel

    Blue Monday has gone, Dry January is no more and, as we say here in Northern Ireland, there’s a quare stretch in the evening so it can only mean that it’s finally February! More..






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