Thursday, 22 February 2018
Latest Issue



Thanks to everyone who took part in our recent competitions. Here are the names of the lucky winners.

January 2018 issue

Win a Belfast Children's Festival Little Adventure Package
Kerry Smyth

Win a Bob the Artist Dominoes game
1) Georgina Ferguson
2) Deborah McClintock
3) Susana Best
4) Wallace McCurry
5) Evelyn Heaslip

Win tickets to NI Science Festival
1) Joanne rea
2) Paul McMahon
3 Naomi Beeson

Christmas & New Year 2017/18 issue

Win a Junior Buddy Bench
Denise Taylor, Towerview Primary School, Bangor

Win 1 of 5 Tumball games
1) Heather Bann
2) Nora Venney
3) Monica Doran
4) Janine Chapman
5) Emma Quinn

Win a family pass to Sleeping Beauty
Noreen Jeffers

Winter 2017 issue

Win Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie on DVD
1) Tina Taggart
2) Sarita Cooley
3) Kim Daniel
4) Maisie Mcmaster
5) Rhonda Green

Win Bang On! from Drumond Park Games
1) Patricia Woods
2) Kim Daniel
3) Maureen Farren
4) Tracey McQuitty
5) Stephen Riddell

Win lunch with Santa on the Forestside Red Bus

1) Adele Fay
2) Shauna Dunlop
3) Aideen Nugent
4) Kathy Peacock
5) Grainne Kennedy
6) Richard Lawther
7) Pierce McConnell
8) Robyn Fitzgerald
9) Ruth Campbell
10) Sarah Gillespie

Halloween 2017 issue

Win a Gassy the Cow table top game

1) Stephen Patterson
2) Lisa Smyth
3) Maeve Sheehan
4) Ann Millican
5) Carol Connor

Win Despicable Me 3 on DVD

1) Adrienne McGroder
2) Elaine Graham
3) Roseann Saunderson
4) Andrea HAMILTON
5) S McCaw

Win a family pass to the closing night Cinemagic preview of Paddington 2

1) Carole Press
2) Mel Boyle
3) Heather Murphy
4) Carla Simpson
5) June Mcmillan

Win Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul on DVD

1) Leanne Turkington
2) Julie Crane
3) Adam Henderson
4) Nicola Matthews
5) Ian Campbell

Autumn 2017 issue

Win 1 of 5 Shark Bite Table Top Games

1) Sharon Rutten
2) Melanie McNair
3) Pamela Lindsay-Matthews
4) Rachel Alexander
5) Ciaran Connolly

Win a family pass to a special preview of the LEGO® NINJAGO movie

1) Jennifer Kearney
2) Laura Turbett
3) Carl Foster
4) Susan Smyth
5) Karen Reilly

September 2017 issue

Win a £250 Apple Store Gift Card for your school and a £50 shopping voucher with British Airways - Kids Go Free Offer
*Danny Bartley P5 - Holy Cross PS, Kilkeel

Win a Cinemagic film morning for your primary school or nursery class
1) Susana Best
2) Summer Wright

Win a signed copy of Town and Country!
1) Clare Jackson
2) Elaine Mc Can
3) Ashleigh Tyrie
4) April White
5) Julie Howse

August 2017 issue

Win The Boss Baby on DVD
1) Clare Loughran
2) Adam Grainger
3) Doireann Murray
4) Aisling McAteer
5) Paula Gray

Win The Ultimate Insult Generator
1) Laura Skinner
2) Eileen Wilson
3) Helena O'Neill
4) Liam Rogan
5) Hubert McGovern

Win a return crossing to Scotland with P&O Ferries
Georgina Shephard

Win a family ticket to Hillsborough Castle and Gardens
Rachel Patton

Summer 2017 issue

Win a Family Ticket to the Belfast Mela
1) Roisin Davidson
2) Frances Wills
3) Conor Barnes
4) Helen Butterfield
5) Vera O'Hagan

Win 10 new summer reads!
Alison Watt

June 2017 issue

Win a private family farm tour & food hamper with Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend!
Eilis Coleman

Win a family break to Inishowen Gateway hotel
Jane McBride

Win Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang on DVD
1) Roisin Brooks
2) Roberta Beattie
3) Peter Wright
4) Christina Mccotter
5) Marian Mccrea

May 2017 issue

Win a JCB Summer Prize Pack with Specsavers and The Junction
1) Clare Johnston
2) Irene McClure
3) Geraldine McCrory
4) Alice Morrow
5) Jack McDonald

Win a Sing DVD
1) Katie Espie
2) Alistair Millar
3) Christina Martin
4) Rachael McConnell
5) Julianne press

Easter 2017 issue

Win a £100 Victoria Square gift card
Helen Greer

Win two new family games!

1) Dyfrig Watkins
2) Veronica Owens
3) Lauren Skillen-Baine
4) Siobhan Dunne
5) Anne Hegarty

Win Ballerina on DVD
1) Amanda Mccomb
2) Linda Loughran
3) Cara Allsop
4) Claire Trolan Watts
5) Christina Rutherdale

Win Perfect by Cecilia Ahern
1) Aideen Conway
2) Carol Reid
3) Paula Patrick

Win Nicholas on Holiday on DVD
1) Gemma Hutton
2) Louise Holland
3) Keith Ruffles
4) Jane Hastings
5) Lesley Connolly

Win a family pass to Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience and Peppa Goes to London book
1) Bernie Stuart
2) Thomas Rowley
3) Gillian McDermott
4) Annmarie Doran
5) Michael Ohalloran

Spring 2017 issue

Win a Crazy Claw game
1) Doris Moore
2) Amanda Mccomb
3) Emer O'Hara
4) Linda McKennon
5) Heather Marshall
6) Diana McBride
7) Irene Bell
8) Vanessa Rainey
9) Joanne Robinson

Win Anne of Green Gables on DVD
1) Rachel Sands
2) Laura Ryan
3) Gillian Nolan
4) Rona Taylor
5) Joan Tummon

Win a return crossing to Scotland with P&O Ferries
Doreen McFetridge

Win a family pass to Odyssey Cinemas Belfast
Kim Bryan

February 2017 issue

Win a Family pass to Odyssey Cinemas Belfast
Leanne Ahmed

Win Phantom Boy on DVD
1) Sandra McCurdy
2) David Wilson
3) Christine O'Rourke
4) Mike Gordon
5) Dylan Fox

Win a Belfast Children's Festival Little Adventure Package
Lawrence O’kane

January 2017 issue

Win Trolls on DVD
1) Clara Brunt
2) Diane McCallister
3) Fiona McCluker
4) Suzanne Lewis
5) Kerri Calladine

Win tickets to NI Science Festival
1) Denise Bermingham
2) Janette O'Hagan
3) Orla Matthews

Win a family pass to Odyssey Cinemas Belfast
Natalie McDonald

Win tickets to the Northern Irish Premiere of Sing
Nicola Bawn

Christmas & New Year 2016/17 issue

Win the game of 1000 silly faces
1) Rebecca Hobbs
2) Donna Weadock
3) Hannah Mayberry
4) Paula Donnan
5) Lynn Crockett
6) Joyce Johnston
7) Emma Toye
8) Vivienne Striem
9) Vicky Calderwood

Win a copy of Swallows and Amazons on DVD
1) Marena Nicholas
2) Helen Smyth
3) Jade Teelan
4) Jonah Wright
5) Aveen Brady

Win Kubo and The Two Strings on DVD
1) Lisa Lawden
2) Lorraine McGivern
3) Jack Hutchinson
4) Frances O'Boyle
5) Rebecca King

Win a family pass to Odyssey Cinemas
Martin Fox

Winter 2016 issue

Win 5 DreamToys from Argos
AnneMarie Curran

Win a family pass to W5 with Danske bank
1) Maria McCrory
2) Gail Scott
3) George Bradshaw
4) Kate Burns
5) Lynn Crockett

Win a family pass to Odyssey Cinemas Belfast
Kirsty Kacz

Win a Copy of Ice Age: Collision Course on DVD
1) Helen McAlister
2) Christina Ryan
3) Cara Reaney
4) Joanne Hanna
5) Mary Oldenburg

Win a The Secret Life of Pets on DVD
1) Collette Moreland
2) Susan Black
3) Carol Murtala
4) Gillian Hogg
5) Karen Gregg

Halloween 2016 issue

Win Long Way North on DVD
1) Jaime Irving
2) Hannah Dumigan
3) Ruth Logue
4) Liam Rogan
5) Claire Vitti

Win a signed copy of Roddy Doyle's Rover and the Big Fat Baby
1) Carole Dowie
2) Ciara Hunt
3) Jonathan Graham
4) Orla Mullen
5) Gillian Cunningham
6) Paula Gowdy
7) Lynn Porter
8) Heather Jackson
9) Geraldine Walsh
10) Simon Cordner

Win 1 of 10 Pickin' Chilckens Games
1) Sarah Heron
2) Carolyn Halliday
3) Maeve Cieslik
4) Tara Rush
5) Mark Gourley
6) Joseph O'Boyle
7) Amanda O'Neill
8) Rosemary Brown
9) Bronagh McCrudden
10) Amanda Doyle

Win a family pass to Odyssey Cinemas
Laura Pearce

Autumn 2016 issue

Win tickets to the opening night of Cinemagic
1) Jayne Sholdis
2) Kelly Mckeaveney
3) Imelda Porter
4) Patricia O'Neill
5) Andrea Fagan

Win a Family Pass to Odyssey Cinemas Belfast
Eimer Trainor

Win a family break to Roe Park Resort
Shauna O'Hanlon

September 2016 issue

Win a Cinemagic Film Morning for your Class
Lesley Connolly

Win A Dozen Summers on DVD
1) Kara McLaughlin
2) Carol Cranston
3) Sara Bailey
4) Lynn Porter
5) Sophie Alexander

Win a family pass to Odyssey Cinemas Belfast
Emma Gilmore

August 2016 issue

Win a Robofish Nemo Track Playset
David Douglas

Win a family games bundle
1) Sinead Lazarus
2) Natalie king
3) Jill McCall

Win a signed copy of Frank Lampard's new children's book
1) Brenda Redmond
2) Jennylee Aiken
3) Donna Jenkins
4) Dervla Teelan
5) Claire Ward

Win tickets to Cinemagic Roald Dahl movies
1) Paula McGarry
2) Sharon Marks

Win a family pass to Odyssey Cinemas Belfast
Joy Walker

Summer 2016 issue

Win a family pass to the Ulster American Folk Park
1) Julie Boone
2) William Graham
3) Leona Cairns

Win flights to Alicante with Aer Lingus
Catherine Simmons

Win a return sailing to Scotland with P&O Ferries
Sofia McAuley

Win £500 of IKEA bookshop items
Danielle Worth

Win a family pass to Odyssey Cinemas Belfast
Sharon Price

Win a Heavenly Tasty goodie box
1) Hannah Mark
2) Rebecca Philips
3) Margaret Corbett

Win Kung Fu Panda on DVD
1) Una Murphy
2) Paula Daly
3) Ashleen Rodgers
4) Kelly FitzGerald
5) Karen Paul

June 2016 issue

Win a place at a Centra ulster Rugby Summer Camp
Jean Marshall

Win a private farm tour and hamper for Open Farm Weekend
Pamela Peters

Win a copy of Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks on DVD
1) Karen Sexton
2) Paul Macauley
3) Nigel Kelly
4) Alistair Grew
5) Seana McGeown

May 2016 issue

Win a Pirate Party for your Class
1) Erin Harvey, Omagh
2) Danann Mellon, Derry-Londonderry
3) Emma Dempsey, Ballymena
4) Ruby Bloomer, Portadown

Win a £200 Smyths Toys voucher from Safefood
Aine McAuley

Win Snoopy and Charlie Brown: the Peanuts Movie on DVD
1) Kathy Clarke
2) Wendy Bell
3) Ruth Thompson
4) Hugh Connolly
5) Margaret Rowley

Win a Family Pass to Alice Through the Looking Glass at Odyssey Cinemas Belfast
1) Stacey Mawhinney
2) Karen Neal
3) Maria McCrory
4) Bronagh Steede
5) Ailsa Fulton

April 2016 issue

Win a family pass to Odyssey Cinemas Belfast
Karen Noble

Win Tickets to the Premiere of Lily's Driftwood Bay 2
1) Emmalisa Owen
2) Linda Kelly
3) Siobhan McAllister
4) Sharon Nelson
5) Edward Brannigan

Win a Dummies Junior book for the digital generation
1) Claire Mallon
2) Joy Flanagan
3) Niamh Knox
4) Lorraine Kennedy
5) Brenda McConville
6) Zach Cochrane
7) Maggie Walls
8) Gail Marshall-Neill
9) Leanne Crowe
10) Kelly Brennan
11) Beth Hand
12) Heather Murdock
13) Lorraine Duff
14) Ciara Donnelly
15) Alex Esdale

Easter 2016 issue

Win £50 to spend in name It at Menarys
Wesley Connolly

Win a Copy of Puffin Rock: Hello Little Egg
1) Keara Downey
2) Gary McGarvey
3) Claire Wallace
4) Louise Shephard
5) Julie Jardine

Win a family pass to Odyssey Cinemas, Belfast
Colin Magwood

Win a Garden Makeover worth £1,000 from IKEA Belfast
Danielle Elliott

Win a Copy of Lily's Driftwood Bay: Message in a Bottle on DVD
1) Pauline mcMurrough
2) Heather Bann
3) Emma Hall
4) Julie Webb
5) Angela Boucher

Win a copy of Peter & Wendy on DVD
1) Geoff Rainey
2) Una McAllister
3) Naomi Keown
4) Hilary Alexander
4) Eleanor McAlister

Spring 2016 issue

Win a Golden Ticket to W5
1) Judith Paxton, New Mossley Presbyterian Youth Club
2) Angela Kennedy, Butterfly Support Group
3) Gemma Daly, Downs and Proud
4) Helen Weir, St Columba’s Cub pack from Ballymena
5) Pamela Sweeney, Action for Children’s Northern Area Early Intervention Project
6) Helen McMahon, The scout association - 12th Bangor Beaver colony
7) Sarah Campbel, Kids Together
8) Ashling Boyle, NDCS (National Deaf Children's Society
9) Laurence Bellew, Willowfield Parish Community Association
10) Julie Freeburn, Causeway Women's Aid
11) Bernice Shiel, Barcroft Community Centre
12) Maureen Doyle, Youth Cent, Belfast
13 Cheryl Wannell, Rural Area Partnership in Derry (RAPID)
14) Loretta Clayton, Brownlow Area Youth Project
15) Gillian Methven, Sound Friends Deaf Children Society

Win a family pass to Odyssey Cinemas Belfast
Teresa Malone

Win a family pass to Colin Geln's St Patrick's Day event.
1) Paul Donnelly
2) Emma Hey
3) Fiona Keenan
4) Kirsty Lawlor
5) Michelle Wood

February 2016 issue

Win a Copy of Sonic Boom on DVD
1) Nicola Maskey
2) Maureen Doyle
3) Bill Redpath
4) Anya Bishop
5) Kathleen Devlin

Win a hamper of Flahavan's Goodies
Cheryl Stafford

Win Bryony & Co. matching vintage dresses
Janice Teelan

Win a month's supply of Heavenly Tasty Organics snacks
Naomi Compton

January 2016 issue

Win Benji Bear, the vital healthcare buddy and more
1) Karen Brown
2) Donna Salt
3) Nicola Hunniford
4) Susan Lavery
5) Roy McLoughlin

Win £10 worth of Claudi & Fin lollies
1) Stef Holland
2) Didem Akser
3) Yasmin Walker
4) Stephen McKenna
5) Wendy Brown

Win a Family Pass to Odyssey Cinemas, Belfast
Ciara Bardgett

Win a family pass to a great family winter walk with the National Trust
1) Lauren Zuber
2) Claire fox
3) Astrid Stuart
4) Nicole Thompson
5) Francis Quinn

Christmas & New Year 2015/16 issue

Win a Rattle Me Bones game
1) Sean O' Neill
2) Sharon Rowan
3) Julie beckett
4) Victoria Stewart
5) Helen Glynn
6) Julie Crane
7) Val O'Neill
8) Ruth Robinson
9) Louise wright

Win a family pass to an Odyssey Christmas classic
1) Kerryann Owens
2) Fiona Mallon
3) Christine Bell
4) Michele Bekmez
5) Stuart Brownlee

Win a handmade dress from Nosy Rosie Crafts
1) Colleen Plunkett
2) Sabrina Lilley
3) Mary Brogan
4) Charlene Scott
5) Paul Kemp

Win a family pass to Cinderella at the Waterfront
1) Amanda Coard
2) Claire McBride
3) Jaime McKinley
4) Chloe Campbell
5) Sarah Pitts

Winter 2015 issue

Win a family break to Alicante
Barbara Campbell

Win a £200 Festive IKEA hamper
Danielle Graham

Win a copy of Minions on DVD
1) Heather Samuels
2) Kevin Patterson
3) Ethna Purdy
4) Laura Hawthorn
5) Claire Clegg
6) Darryl Kilpatrick
7) Francis Byrne
8) Hazel Armstrong
9) Kay Armstrong
10) Georgina Murray

Halloween 2015 issue

Win Get Santa & Jurassic World DVDs
1) Eileen Evans
2) Adrienne Carnie
3) Conor Delap
4) Karen Nelson
5) Aaron Lindsay
6) Brendan Sansome
7) Michael Heron
8) Leon Wilton
9) Emily Haveron
10) Nicola Whaley

Win tickets to the World Premiere of A Christmas Star
Edel Gallaghers

Win a family break at Galgorm Resort & Spa
Christine Hamill

Autumn 2015 issue

Win Moomins on the Riviara on DVD
1) Aine O'Hare
2) Helena Bork
3) Owenie O'Neill
4) Debbie Jones
5) Owen Whitford
6) Tania McHugh
7) Sharon Anderson
8) Sandra Ellis
9) Edna Brown
10) Jane Conn

Win tickets to Pan
Dorothy Corbett
Roisin Walsh

Win a Cinemagic Nursery/Pre-school film and early years drama morning
Valerie Wilkinson

Win an IKEA kitchen worth £3,000
Fiona Kirkpatrick

September 2015 issue

Win a Cinemagic film morning for the whole class
Kathryn Kerr

Win a Family Trip to Tayto Park
Grace Martin

Win a £50 Menarys Voucher
Lisa Stewart
Celine Morgan

August 2015 issue

Win a Tidy Freak
1) Alison McFarland
2) Anne Jackson
3) Lynn Blackwell
4) Christina Linton
5) Jan Halliday

Win a day trip by coach to M&D's theme park in Scotland
Michaela Morrison

Win a copy of Home on DVD
1) Cathy Duncan
2) kiera lavery
3) Joeleen Cummings
4) Stephanie Holland
5) Kay McKnight
6) Adrian Robb
7) Sharon Espley
8) Patricia Sherlock
9) Emma Toman
10) Leigh Kennedy

Summer 2015 issue

Win a Family Trip to London
Bob Beggs

Sleep under the stars with a family camping pack worth over £500
Christine Hunter

Win a family day out at Dundonald International Ice Bowl
1) Demi Scott
2) Heather Love
3) Darren Shiels
4) Catherine Pepper
5) Grace McLoughlin

June 2015 issue

Win a Father's Day Grooming Hamper
Rosalind Shaw

Win a Place in a Starcamp Summer Camp
Pamela Turley

Win a Family Adventure at Share Discovery Village
Winner – Caroline Brennan
Runner up – Seaneen Heabey

Win a Family Pass to Robots at Titanic Belfast
Amy Craig

Win a Disney Goody Bag worth £100
Eloise Ervine

Win a Copy of Pinocchio
1) Judith Moore
2) Jane Knowles
3) Claire McClelland
4) Aodhan Connolly
5) Clare Lyle
6) Edward Yoong
7) Barbara Fisher
8) Mya Wwann
9) Joan Tummon
10) Ian Dinsmore

May 2015 issue

Win £500 worth of IKEA products
Sheila Lundy

Win a Gordons Beauty Hamper
Emma Jones

Win a Baby Sleep Bundle and bedtime stories
Prize A, Babymoove bundle – Claire Treanor
Prize B, Picture book bundle – Emma Blaney
Prize C, Older reader bundle – Diane Doherty

Win a Family Pass to Two by Two
1) Alice Barbour
2) Heidi Brewer
3) Kathy Patterson
4) Rachel Pedder

Win a Stack of Family Board Games
Eleanor Steed

Easter 2015 issue

Win a Lego Portrait
Suzanne Doggart

Win a Trip to Scotland
Emma Brownlees

Win a Copy of Fairytale: Story of the Seven Dwarves
1) Katherine Fox
2) Audrey Huey
3) Bronagh Hoy
4) Louise McGlade
5) Jonathan Larner

Win 1 of 20 Kids' Spring Jackets
1) Vicky White
2) Ann Henry
3) Catherine Heron
4) Amy O' Neill
5) Jody Rice
6) Joan Bryan
7) Michelle Shannon
8) Fionnuala Rice-Kelly
9) Ciarna Wilkinson
10) Hazel Hunter
11) Karalyn Eakin
12) Dawn Bond
13) Betty Biggar
14) Mireille McNutt
15) Eamon Smith
16) Leighann Edgar
17) Patricia O'Rourke
18) Joan Peden
19) Stephanie McRitchie
20) Bernadette McManus

Win an Egg-citing Family Fun Day Out with Translink and Skytrek
Nikki Howard

Spring 2015 issue

Win a Toddler Bedding Set from Baroo
Gillian McKenzie

Win a Family Break in Dublin
Yvonne Grimley

Win a Copy of Penguins of Madagascar
1) Stuart Jackson
2) Alison Graham
3) Lyndsey McMordie
4) Hazel Brown
5) Jenna Daly

Win Theatre Tickets and a Meal Out for the Whole Family
Lynsey Powell

Win a Family Pass to Spongebob: Sponge Out Of Water
1) Fiona Lytle
2) Rose Rea

March 2015 issue

Win a Family Pass to Odyssey Cinemas, Belfast
Martina Mowbray

Win a Copy of Dolphin Tale 2!
1) Ingrid McKinley
2) Aurora Taylor
3) Kelly Carroll
4) Jackson Turkington
5) Helen Smith

Win a Titanic Treat for Mother's Day
Damien O'Neill

February 2015 issue

Win Summer flights with Aer Lingus Family First
Isobell Agnew

Win a Birthday party at Lough Moss Leisure Centre
Gavin Ervine

Win a Family Pass to Odyssey Cinemas, Belfast
Kelly McCullough

Win a New Release Family DVD
1) Andrew Gray
2) Janet McGrattan
3) Mary Rose Black
4) Pauline O'Haire
5) Jacqui Strange
6) Stephen Lamont
7) Lisa Quinn
8) Alana McKinney
9) Roisin White
10) Lynsay Neill

Christmas & New Year 2014/15 issue

Win a Copy of 'The Nut Job'
1) Judith Dane
2) Derek Robinson
3) Eamonn McClorey
4) Janice Taylor-Clarke
5) Laura Dickson

Win a Juvenile Membership to Castlereagh Hills Golf Club
Roisi Nugent

Win tickets to Penguins of Madagascar and Penguins Goodies
1) Eunan Donnelly
2) Deanne fitzsimons
3) Donna Mowbray

Win Tickets to Sleeping Beauty
1) Margaret Mitchell
2) Fionnuala Crilly
3) Marian Edgar

Winter 2014 issue

Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab S
Emma Kinnaird

Win a copy of the Snow Queen or How to Train Your Dragon 2
1) Nikki Donnelly
2) Leanne Courtney
3) Joanne McFarland
4) carolyn mcgeehan
5) Laura Elliott
6) Amanda Simpson
7) Nola Fitzsimons
8) Jaclyn Mallon
9) Ruth Harris
10) Dominic McCullough

Win a Christmas Trip to the Cinema for Your Class
Tracy Carney

Win CKIN2U His and Her Fragrances
Judith Trimble

Win a £500 IKEA Christmas
Laura Caraon

Win Tickets to Jack and the Beanstalk
1) Heather McQueen
2) Gemma Blaine
3) Beverley Doherty
4) Amanda Tomlinson
5) Jaclyn Mallon

Halloween 2014 issue

Win a Copy of Mr Peabody & Sherman
1) Leanne Harkness
2) Sandra Guy
3) Joanne Loughlin
4) Laura Stother
5) Stacy Donnelly

See Your Crafty Creation Star in a Movie
1) Jacqueline Carroll
2) Danielle McGreevy
3) Debbie Wright
4) Conor Maguire

Dress Up and Win a £50 IKEA Gift Card
1) Lindsay Hill
2) Courtney Kellyann
3) Laura Clements
4) Louise Lawlor
5) Barbara Fegan
6) Lindsay Holmes
7) Fiona Dodds
8) Patricia McLaughlin
9) Debra Russell
10) Paul Baker

Autumn 2014 issue

Win a Copy of 'Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return' or 'Postman Pat: The Movie'
1) Marius Mulligan
2) Jesse & Joshua Scott
3) Lorna McBurney
4) Sonya Gray
5) Erin Andrews
6) Atelia Molloy
7) Lynsay Neill
8) Barney Hutton
9) Edel Downey
10) Andrew Davidson

Win a Family Pass to 'The Book of Life'
1) Robert Moore
2) Diane Rogan
3) Alisha McFadden
4) Roisin Carson
5) Catriona McKeown

September 2014 issue

Win a Birthday Party at Dundonald International Ice Bowl
Maeve Henning

Win a Cinemagic Film Morning for Your Class
Janice Hamilton

Win a Day Trip to Glasgow!
Sandra Todd

Win a Family Movie Pass from Odyssey Cinemas Belfast
Bronagh Henderson

August 2014 issue

Win a family pass to a Stena fun day cruise
1) Elaine McCallum
2) Lori Molloy

Win a copy of Tarzan
1) Michelle Hollingsbee
2) Julieanna Striem
3) Joanna Bell
4) Lorna McBurney
5) Martin Greer

Win a Pterodaytyl kite from Jurassic Kites
1) Brian West
2) Debbie Connolly
3) Emma Tate
4) Claudine Marshall
5) Eileen Walker

Win a £50 Victoria Square gift card plus a dino goody bag
1) Joanne McIntyre
2) Cheryl Phillips
3) Tracy Mulholland

Summer 2014 issue

Win an iPad with Danske Bank and Moneyville
Leanne Pue

Win a Family Break with Trinity City Hotel
Caroline rutherford

Win a Nivea Sun Safe Hamper
Caireen McFall

June 2014 Issue issue

Win a Trip to Climbit at W5 for your whole class
Jude Copeland

Win a Brand New Set of Family bikes
Suzi Douglas

Win a Shopping Spree at Cameron Landscapes and Garden Centre
Wendy Graham

Win a Two Night Break with Tickets to Funtasia or Tayto Park
Darren Walton

May 2014 issue

Enjoy a Free Family Meal in Little Wing's Newest Restaurant
Alice Francey

Attract Bees and Butterflies with M&S Seed Shakers
1) Austin McMordie
2) Caitriona Duggan
3) Rachel Graham
4) Helen Watson
5) Michelle Bailie
6) Nicola Kirkwood
7) Eamonn McClorey
8) Mary Lowry
9) Katrina Storey
10) Kathy Carlile

Win a Copy of Thickets Wood by Rebecca Reid
Claire Whitford

Win a Family Pass to the NI Countryside Festival
1) Joanne Henderson
2) lynne vennard
3) Stephanie Speer
4) joanna cairns
5) Rebecca Mcilwaine
6) Claire Matchett

Easter 2014 issue

Win a family pass to Odyssey cinemas
1) Molly Baine
2) Kirsty Mageean
3) Deborah Coey
4) Iain Sterling
5) Paula Eaveson

Win a Family Day Trip to Scotland with P&O Ferries
Paul Nelis

Win a Family Day out at Dundonald International Ice bowl
1) Caroline hamilton
2) Lise McGreevy
3) Nigel Kelly
4) Sarah Woodward

April 2014 issue

Win a JANE Monte Carlo Car Seat
Catherine Bell

Win a Family Break at Roe Park Resort
Julie-Ann Ashe

Win a copy of Walking with Dinosaurs
1) Aurora Taylor
2) Alison Craigen
3) Michael Graham
4) Paul Rice
5) Lisa Copeland

March 2014 issue

Win a copy of Turbo
1) Ben McKin
2) Caireen McFall
3) Lynne Boyle
4) Diane Smith
5) Judith Dane

Win the Ultimate Pamper Experience
Joan McShane

February 2014 issue

Win a Copy of Madly Madagascar
1) Sheree Dickson
2) Joanne Trainor
3) Karen Hewitt
4) suzy Larkham
5) Leona Kinkaid
6) Susan Clarke
7) David Barry
8) Lindsay Holmes
9) Bernadette Murney
10) Suzanne Murphy-Manganaro

Win a trip to We Are Vertigo for the whole class
Scarlett Armstrong

Win with White's Oats
Radhika Gupta

Runners up
1) Luke Murphy
2) Grace Stevenson
3) Kirsten Cully
4) Klaudija Valkaviciute
5) Aayush Tetali

Christmas & New Year issue 2013

Win a VIP class trip to We Are Vertigo
Scarlett Armstrong

Win one of 5 IKEA £100 gift cards
1) Kerry Bradley
2) Teresa Majury
3) Paula McKelvey
4) Aideen McCarney
5) Patrick Mullan

Halloween issue 2013

Win a £250 Evelin Brandt voucher
Gabriela Klinga

Autumn issue 2013

Win £50 to spend in Menarys
1) Hazel Hanna
2) Susan Surgeoner

Cinemagic 'Let's Go Fly a Kite' competition
1) Paula Shields
2) Angela Smyth
3) Judith Dane
4) Eithne Dowds
5) Helen Weir
6) Emma Milne
7) Sharon Briggs
8) Nik Barkas
9) Andrea Morton
10) Cathy Mullan

September issue 2013

Study in Style with Ikea
Heather Alexander

Win a Family Outdoor Weekend
Elaine Donaldson

Win a six-month supply of Paradox Omega School Capsules
1) Sandy Carr
2) Ciara Mulligan
3) Naomi Palmer
4) Michael Close
5) Deirdre Cusack
6) Linda Davis
7) Rosemarie Burke
8) Louise Megrath
9) Seana Joyce
10) Marian Kelso

August 2013 issue

Win! two fish posters
1) Siobhan Mcclure
2) Nicola Mulholland
3) Brid Cahalan maher
4) Michelle Lawson
5) Mackenzie Price
6) Marius Mulligan
7) Sharon McClements
8) Elizabeth Boyd
9) Daniel Monaghan
10) Lynne Boyle
11) Andrea Bennett
12) Angela Barlow
13) Hope Du Toit
14) Helen Smith
15) Eamonn McClorey
16) Claire Jones
17) Feebi Bashford
18) Cara Barr
19) Margaret Quinn
20) Naomi Palmer
21) Patricia Cooper
22) Stephanie Herfield
23) Maria Rushe
24) Gail Moorhead

Win a family pass for a SKYTrek session at Colin Glen
1) Helen Mitchell
2) Julie Laverty
3) Lynne Boyle

Win tickets to Pirates Adventure Village at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Dublin
1) Charlie Fox
2) Nicola Loughran

Summer 2013 issue

Win Fantastic Golf Prizes with Tayto
Overall Prize - Junior Golf Membership and Family Admission Ticket
Selina Daniels- March

Family Admission Tickets
1) Finlay Blaine
2) Sharon McClements
3) Christina Price
4) Glynn Shields-Jones
5) Brid Cahalan Maher
6) Hayley Ruck Grainger
7) John Brownlee
8) Fiona Dodds
9) Anne Graham
10) Sarah Spence
11) Aideen Patel
12) Angela Kelly
13) Sherril Hill
14) Nikki Tanham
15) Sandra Patterson
16) Margaret Quinn
17) Louise Craig
18) Michelle McMurray
19) LesleyAnn McBride
20) Cheryl Clarke
21) Tara Lorimer
22) Linda Byrne-Devlin
23) Helen Weir
24) Suzanne McCarten

Summer 2013 issue

WIN a Holiday to LEGOLAND!
Marcella Moan

Red Riding Hood Family Ticket
Angela Sandford

March 2013 Issue - Stena Line Pirates & Princesses Cruise
1) Cathy Mullan
2) Walter Mitchell
3) Gillian Wilson

£50 Semichem Voucher
1) Noreen Hayward
2) Isobel Mitchell
3) Heather Darling
4) Michael Donnelly
5) Julie Neil
6) Niamh O'Carolan
7) Sarah Morris
8) Karen Harper
9) Stephen Spence
10) Gregg Humphrey

Jan/Feb 2013 issue

A Family Pass to ImagineNation at W5
1) Catherine Mullan
2) Patricia Hegarty
3) Lynn Bennett
4) Megan Turner
5) Christine Nagle

Get up and Go with Translink
1) Sinead Short
2) Mary Black
3) Hugo Wilson
4) Catrina Tismelane
5) Caterine Denyer

A family Pass to TinkerBell and the Secret of the Wings at Odyssey Cinema Belfast
1) Angela Walker
2) Stephanie Waites
3) Nicola Shedden
4) Lesley Halliday
5) Anne Graham

Stylish Grandmother
Reta Keys

Cinemagic - Family Pass for the preview of ParaNorman
1) Tracy Hayes
2) Dolores McCartney
3) Alan Erdis
4) Adam Thompson
5) Alison Walsh

A family pass for Winterfest at the Odyssey
1) Toby McKim
2) Emma Pollock

A family pass to 'How the Grinch stole Christmas'
1) Rebekah Sachno
2) Carmel Mulholland
3) Sharon Rooney

Breakfast with Santa at Hillmount
1) Suzanne McCoy
2) Lisa Malloy
3) Grainne McBride
4) Heather McQueen
5) Claire Ellis

A £50 gift voucher for Castlecourt
1) Alison Reid
2) Gillian Stewart
3) Karen Cumming
4) Amanda Orr
5) Marcella Brown

A family ticket for Sleeping Beauty at the Waterfront
1) Tracey McMaster
2) Sandra Clough
3) Susan Lynch, Doagh
4) Joanne Devaney
5) Darryl Shields

A birthday Party at Odyssey Cinemas
Jessica Smyth-Rice

A Family Pass for the Enchanted garden & Comdey 4 Kids at the Ulster Bank Festival at Queens
Lexy Law
Gavin Ervine
Neville Claxton
Siobhan Jeffers
Orla Skeffington

August 2012 Issue - A copy of King Arthur by Richard Brassey
1) Helen Smith
2) Gary Bolton
3) Catherine Clark
4) Claire Vitti
5) David Humphrey

2 Adult Tickets to see the Stena Line Belfast Giants, Courtesy of The Outlet Village, Banbridge
1) Glynn Shields
2) Taryn Bailie
3) Lisa Gorman
4) Jo Ramsay
5) Glenn Irvine

Cinemagic - Family Pass for the preview of ParaNorman
1) Tracy Hayes
2) Dolores McCartney
3) Alan Erdis
4) Adam Thompson
5) Alison Walsh

A makeover for your child's bedroom by Essence Interiors Lisburn
Sarah Clarke

Winter 2012 Issue

A family Christmas from Ikea worth £500
Ashleen Curran

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