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Pompoms are the accessory of the summer and making jewellery with pompoms is a fun activity for a rainy afternoon. You only use small pompoms, so they are quick to make and the whole necklace is very easy to put together.

You will need
4 balls of yarn in assorted colours
Yarn needle
Small pompom maker

1 Cut a length of yarn long enough to make a necklace that will fit over your head easily, and thread your needle on the end. Cut another long length of yarn in your first pompom colour and begin winding around the pompom maker.

2 When you have finished winding the pompom, push your prepared needle and yarn through the centre, then cut around the edge of the pompom ring with scissors. Keep the needle threaded.

3 Take a short length of yarn that matches the pompom and wrap it between the two halves of the pompom rings. Tie it tightly in a knot and then cut off the extra yarn. Remove the pompom rings to leave the finished pompom in place on the necklace.

4 Make more pompoms to give a total of about 11 (an odd number works best, with one in the centre and an even number on each side). Add them to the necklace in the same way.

5 When you have added all the pompoms, remove the needle and tie the ends of the necklace yarn together. Check in a mirror to get it the right length. The pompoms will move slightly on the yarn and you can position them so that they are evenly spaced along your necklace.

Craft activity from My First Pompom Book by Lucy Hopping, published by Cico Kidz RRP £9.99

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