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Easter 2017

Egg-citing new gifts and gadgets for Easter ’17…

The Happy Birth Book

A friendly, accessible and down-to-earth guide on how to make giving birth a positive experience and cope in the first few weeks of motherhood. Between authors Beverly Turner, a radio and television presenter and founder of The Happy Birth Club antenatal course, and Pam Wild, a midwife for over 20 years with clients including Davina McCall and Thandie Newton, there is nothing they don’t know about giving birth… or have an opinion on. Presented in an easy-to-read, A to Z format, this lovely little book will reassure and inform expectant mums, particularly those who have had a bad pregnancy/birthing experience with their first child, and are about to have a second child. Publishing April 27, RRP £14.99. Available from Amazon.

Penguin Pals

Zoe and Pam are the latest bedtime pals to arrive in the UK from innovative Danish children’s brand, Zazu. Designed to help parents with the bedtime routine, the clever little penguins feature pre-set melodies including a heartbeat, white noise and waterfall sound, as well as wireless speaker technology, enabling parents to play their own choice of music or children’s stories. They also activate automatically upon baby crying and will begin to play and light up to comfort little ones, helping them to fall back into a peaceful slumber.
For older tots, Penguin Pam will also signal when it is okay to get up with a green light, and when to stay in bed a little longer, with an orange glow. Find Zoe (£24.99) and Pam (£39.99) at

Lovenest+ baby head positioned

Positional Plagiocephaly (Flat-head Syndrome) affects as many as 47 per cent of babies between seven and 12 weeks. It is caused by pressure on the soft skull bones, which have not yet fused, and become moulded into a different shape which can occur when an infant spends excessive periods of time lying or resting in the same position on their backs. Babymoov and French paediatrician, Dr Maidenberg, have now created an affordable, simple solution with the Lovenest+. The innovative, ergonomic design of the offers support without restricting movement, and features a special incline to ensure pressure is evenly distributed across the infant’s head, thereby maintaining the natural curvature of the skull. Suitable from birth to six months it can be used in pushchairs, bouncers, cots and cribs and comes with a lifetime warranty. £19.99 from

The Articulate Gallery

Every child is an artist and every home with children needs these multi-award winning range of slot-sided frames, which instantly frame 2D and 3D creations allowing children’s artwork to be proudly presented for all to see. This clever concept takes children's pictures off the fridge door and kitchen cupboards and puts them in their rightful place – on the wall! Not only is this a sure-fire way to declutter a family home, and ensure mum and dad enjoy their little one’s creations, but it is also wonderful for children to gain a sense of achievement when they see their artwork properly showcased. Ideal for a nursery or playroom, there are six different styles and sizes to choose from at

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