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Halloween 2016

Conjure up a fiendish face with this simple guide from face paint specialist Flutterby…

Day of the Dead Calavera

A calaca is a skeleton and a calavera is a skull. The most popular calavera of all is "La Calavera Catrina," a high-society skeleton lady dressed in a fancy floral hat, from a 1910 etching by Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada.

1.Using a damp (not wet) sponge, dab the base white on the face leaving out the eyes and nose area.
2.Then with a brush, paint in the eyes.
3.Next, start adding the flower details around the eyes and forehead.
4.Using a smaller brush, paint the nose.
5.Now use black to outline around the flowers, leaves, eyes and nose.
6.Finally paint lips and finish with glitter.

Zombie Cheerleader

1.Using a small brush, start with red and paint where the cuts are going.
2.Next use black and paint a bit of shading in the cuts.
3.Use white to paint on stitches and also highlight the cuts
4.Get a thin brush and use black to add shadow to the stitches
5.Finally, slightly damp your brush and shade around the stitches. If you have any fake blood, add a bit at the end to really make the cuts come alive!

You will need:
A sponge, paint brush & a selection of face paints.

Simple Skull
1.Using a damp sponge, dab the base white all over the face leaving out the eyes and nose area.
2.Then with a brush, paint black around the eyes and the nose.
3.Finally draw in black lines around the mouth.

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