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This is Not a Fairytale – by Will Mabbitt & Fred Blunt £6.99, published by Puffin books

Age Pre-school

Sophie doesn’t want a fairy tale about drippy princesses and pompous princes. She wants a heroine who leaps straight into the middle of the action, yielding a feisty fighting sword and calling out a brave battle cry. In this stonking sequel to the brilliant ‘This Is Not A Bedtime Story’, Sophie and her famed father revolutionise story time for a second time. A clever, funny and heart-warmingly exciting book-in-a-book which is sure to inspire and delight every single little boy and girl in the land.

Dogger – by Shirley Hughes Hardback £12.99/Paperback £7.99, published by Penguin Random House Children’s

Age pre-school

To honour Shirley Hughes’s incredible success over the past 90 years, the two stunning new editions have been released: a beautiful re-jacketed hardback containing exclusive letter from Shirley and a paperback book and CD package. This timeless, endearing and familiar story of a lost toy and his eventual rediscovery is a must-have in every home and for every generation, with echoes of love, loss and heartfelt reunions to which every parent and child will be able to relate.

The Foolish King – by Mark Price and Martin Brown £8.99, published by David Fickling Books

Age 6+

This is the first children’s book from Mark Price, written to teach his daughter how to play chess. The Foolish King is an interactive story featuring beautiful and funny illustrations throughout from the illustrator of Horrible Histories. The perfect gift for young children to learn how to play one of the world’s most popular games and guaranteed to keep them entertained for hours – this is perhaps the best child’s introduction to chess ever!

Winston and the Marmalade Cat – by Megan Rix £5.99, published by Puffin books

Age 6+

Nine-year-old Harry is desperate for a pet of his own but working at the local animal rescue centre is the next best thing. One day, he’s asked to take a very special birthday present to Chartwell, home of the famous Prime Minister and animal-lover Winston Churchill. During his visit, Harry learns all about Winston’s past and his much-loved pets. Will Harry get to meet Winston Churchill and will he ever get a pet of his own?

The Matilda Effect – by Ellie Irving £6.99, published by Penguin Random house Children’s

Age 9+

Matilda loves science and inventing. Her heroes are Marie Curie, Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison, and one day she wants to be a famous inventor herself. So when she doesn’t win the school science fair, she’s devastated – especially as the judges didn’t believe she'd come up with her entry on her own. Because she's a girl. Matilda concocts a plan. Crash the award ceremony and tell everyone the truth!

Rambling On The Rocks - Walking Northern Ireland's Natural Landscape – by K. Lemon, M. Cooper and A. Donald £7.99, published by GSNI

With 20 walks colourfully photographed and mapped out, this new book from the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland clearly showcases NI as one of the most geologically interesting and diverse parts of the world.

Together, families and young children can explore the 650 million year geological history of N.Ireland and learn about the volcanoes, fossils and dinosaurs in their own countryside!

Ni4kids Magazine loved this book and believe it’s a ‘must have ‘reference for weekend and holiday rambles for every family. If you are a parent keen to instil or feed a child’s natural curiosity (or your own…) in the outdoors of Northern Ireland, then it doesn’t get any better than this.

Available from GSNI, Tesco, Easons and other good bookshops.

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