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26 July 2017

The Boss Baby – Alec Baldwin Q&A

To celebrate the release of The Boss Baby on Blu-ray and DVD on July 31, Ni4kids catches up with to the voice behind the briefcase-wielding baby ....

Did you have any sibling rivalries?
Um, I think if you do have sibling rivalries with your brothers and sisters growing up, maybe to some degree you're not aware of it. I mean I think I was the oldest of four boys, I had an older sister and a younger sister. I think that the my sister Beth and I being the two eldest, we were treated very differently than my younger ones. The ones that came along later on, were more like they showed up and there was joy and happiness, when my sister arrived, she was the first child, it was joy and happiness when I arrived because I was the first son. Then each child, that arrived afterward I think my parents were like, oh god, what are we going to do now.

What parts of this movie resonate you?
That having a wonderful and positive family experience is irreplaceable. I'm married to my wife and we have three little kids. Where I can, my wife especially because she's the mother, where we can manage everything in such a way where the kids are happy, and they enjoy themselves and you share obviously the world as you see it with your kids in terms of what they'll see and do and where they'll go and what they'll experience, and that's really great. My wife and I have a lot of fun plans for our kids when they get older, right now they're still pooping in their pants.

How would you describe the tone?
Um, I think the tone of Boss Baby is a little crazy, it's really a break neck pace, and some really wild actions sequences and so forth. Really, everything you'd expect from animation, a good pace, a good tone and the artwork is beautiful, but in the end very much a warm, emotive finish where the Boss baby character, there's something, I don't want to spoil everything, but there's something that he wanted in his life, that even he didn't realize and in the end he gets it.

How can audiences relate to this movie?
I think what's relatable to this movie, is that children who, how am I going to say this, I've got to say this carefully. I think what's relatable is that everyone wants to have a home and a family, whatever that families made of. I mean families now and what we call home has changed. That could be same sex couples, it could be anything you want it to be. But whenever that happens, whatever that becomes rather, if you close the door and your inside of your home, if you feel at home, if you feel relaxed and happy. The worlds a tough place sometimes and it's nice to be able to go somewhere, and have things the way and feel accepted for who you are.

How the movie separates itself from other animated films.
Well I mean, i'm sorry you stepped right into that question which is that I'm in it. I'm playing the lead in this movie, that separates this movie from other films. I'm voicing the lead character of this movie, so I would hope that, that would count for something. We have Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Buscemi, Lisa Kudrow, Miles Bakshi playing Tim. It' s directed by Tom McGrath, it's a Dreamworks movie, I mean isn't that enough, I mean that to me right there spells hit, that spells mega hit to me.



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