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Mega-fantastic books for May...

Grumpy Frog – by Ed Vere
£6.99 published by Penguin Books

A brand new and entertaining picture book from New York Times best-selling author Ed Vere. Grumpy Frog is not actually all that grumpy when he is winning but what happens when things aren’t going his way? What happens when he comes up against his worst nightmare… a Pink Rabbit? This brilliantly illustrated book joins grumpy frog on his adventure as he learns about the importance of having friends and co-operating with them and how saying sorry can be all he needs to do to not be so grumpy. All round a great book with a twist in the tail about getting rid of the grumps.

Tilly and the Time Machine – by Adrian Edmondson
£6.99 published by Penguin Books
AGE 7+

This book is sure to make you both laugh and cry whilst reaching for that all-important cupcake. After her mother passed away a year ago, Tilly and her dad decide to use his time machine to travel back in time to her sixth birthday party where they both enjoyed cupcakes and saw mummy last. However, it doesn’t all go to plan when her dad gets stuck in the past. Tilly must save him by following him through historic events such as having afternoon tea with Queen Victoria to wielding a sword at the Battle of Trafalgar in order to get back in time for tea… Will they make it back?

Young Bond: Red Nemesis – by Steve Cole
£6.99 published by Penguin Random House Children’s
AGE 8+

This adventure packed book is back in Steve Coles fourth and final edition of Young Bond. However, this time James is back on home territory when suddenly he obtains a mysterious package from beyond the grave. The contents within the package makes James the centre of attention for a long-lasting plot, that if it goes the full length will end up with the streets of London covered from top to bottom, red with blood. James will not only have to fight for survival and save his country he so dearly loves, he will also have to clear the Bond family name which means so much more to him than anything else. With a lot to lose and no one to trust… Will James come out on top?

Darkmouth: Hero Rising – by Shane Hegarty
£6.99 published by HarperCollins Children’s Books
AGE 9+

The next big thing is here. This edge-of-your-seat, hideously-comical book brings you the adventures of a somewhat useless and slightly unenthusiastic monster-hunter. With legends running wild and Half-Hunters going out of control. Darkmouth has been taken away from Finn and his legendary hunter father who now washes dogs for a living. Things can only get worse for the town Darkmouth, with more terror lurking beneath. Darkmouth in its time of need is calling out for help, calling out for a hero… Unfortunately, all it’s got is Finn.

The World’s Worst Children 2 – by David Walliams
£14.99 published by HarperCollins Children’s Books
AGE 9+

After The World’s Worst Children was such a success, comedian and author David Walliams had to write another book. This time he shares ten new stories from a new mob of mischievous, menacing kids. If you thought the first book was bad, then you’re in for a nasty surprise. The boys and girls from this story are even ruder than before, even more disgusting than before and even more WORSE than you could ever imagine. This book is sure to make laugh out loud and be thankful that you don’t know anyone like Gruesome Griselda or Fussy Frankie. This is a perfect read for kids aged 9 and over.

Beyond the Bright Sea – by Lauren Wolk
£6.99 published by Penguin Random House Children’s
AGE 10+

Inspired by events that occurred on the island of Penikese in the 1920’s, this book follows the adventures of 12-year-old Crow. After being neglected and abandoned when she was just a young baby, the only people she has befriended are Osh, the man who saved and raised her as his own, and Miss Maggie, their fierce but loving neighbour across the sandbar. Growing up on a small, remote part of the Elizabeth Islands in Massachusetts Crow has always thought about the world that evolves around her. It isn’t until one night she notices a fire across the water and wants to know what happened, but little does she know that her fascination with this will soon have all the answers to her own history, leading Crow down a trail with several dangerous encounters and consequences.

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