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01 August 2016

In rain, wind or sunshine...with the right outfit outside play is fun in any season!

It’s raining today, yippee! Please don’t tell me to stay inside so I don’t get wet. Just let me put on my coat and wellington boots so I can play in the puddles. Puddles are strange things that I need to investigate. When I find one I can have great fun. I can see my reflection in the water and jump up and down. I can hear the water SPLASH as I stomp back and forwards and watch it ripple when I touch it with my bare hands; it feels cold. It makes me laugh when I do this; please let me go outside to play.

The soil will be wet which means I can make mud pies in the garden. I love getting dirty and feeling the mud squelch between my fingers. I can make what I want when I play in the mud. It’s even better when you give me things to play with like a bucket, spade, watering can, pots and pans, baking dishes and plastic containers. I can be creative and make a kitchen; you can come for dinner! Please let me go outside to play.

It’s snowing today! Please don’t tell me to stay inside as it’s too cold. Just let me put on my coat, hat, scarf and gloves so I can play in the snow. I love to make footprints and listen to the crunch of the snow under my feet. The feel of silent snowflakes falling on my face makes me tingle all over. I love looking at the icicles hanging from the rooftops. I can mould the snow into different shapes and watch it melt when I hold it in my hand. I can make snowballs of different sizes and build a snowman with my friends. Please let me go outside to play.

It’s windy today! Please don’t tell me to stay inside in case I catch a cold. Just let me put my coat on and go outside to feel the wind on my face. I love to watch the trees dance when it’s windy and listen to the tune of leaves rustling. I can watch the clouds race around the sky. It makes me giggle when there’s a gust of wind; my hair blows around my face and I lose my balance. I can chase the leaves in the garden and fly my kite high up in the sky. Please let me go outside to play.

It’s sunny today. Please don’t tell me to stay inside to be in the shade. Just let me put on my sunscreen and sunhat so I can go outside and feel the fresh air on my face. If you give me a blanket and pegs I can make my own tent. I love to explore the garden and go on a bug hunt or plant some flowers and watch them grow. I love listening to the birds singing and watching the planes fly high in the sky. I can lie on the grass and find shapes in the clouds or make a daisy chain for your jewellery box. We could draw hopscotch with chalk and play hide and seek or I can just run, jump, hop and skip as fast as I can. I feel free when I’m outside and am learning each day so please, please, please let me go outside to play.

Article by NICMA – the Childminding Association

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