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Easter 2017

We’re hopping with egg-citment over these gorgeous bunny-themed gifts…

- The Bunnies Basket (£8) from Hotel Chocolat contains 15 solid milk chocolate bunnies and chicks, all individually wrapped and ready for your Easter hunt. Perfect for squirrelling away in unexpected hiding places!

- This super soft and fluffy hooded towel is the perfect gift this Easter for little bunnies aged 3-6 years to snuggle up in before hopping happily into bed. The floppy ears are irresistible, and it’s made with clever microfibre technology, so it’s as soft as a feather, and so absorbent it will dry them in moments at bathtime or on the beach. £32.99 from

- In this personalised Little Guide to Life, Peter Rabbit and his friends share their experience and wisdom to teach little bunnies all sorts of really important life lessons. Learn manners with Benjamin Bunny, like how to keep your clothes pristine (even if you’re about to venture into McGregor’s garden for a cabbage!). Heighten your common sense with a bit of advice from Timmy Tiptoes, who advises storing money in a bank, (or in his case – acorns). You can even discover the best of morals from the impish Peter Rabbit – to prevent you from losing your tail! £24.99 from

- Available in pink or blue embroidery, this gorgeous cuddly personalised rabbit soft toy is an ‘ear-resistable’ gift for a special occasion. Personalise with a name, date of birth, time and weight for a newborn, or a little one’s upcoming birthday. £29.99 from

- We’re hopping with eggs-citement about this cute glass Rabbit Sweetie Jar, £8 from Paperchase. The lid is made from ceramic and has a cute bunny character perched neatly on top – the perfect place to keep all those yummy chocolate mini-eggs!

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