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Christmas and New Year 2011

Save on your household bills

Brrr... warm up with 10% cheaper natural gas₁ than Phoenix this Winter

Right now families across Northern Ireland are looking at every opportunity to save money on their household bills. And with Winter drawing in, and families focussing on the cost of Christmas, there's never been a better time to switch to firmus energy.

All homes, including pay-as-you-go customers can now switch from Phoenix to 10% cheaper natural gas from firmus energy₁ - they guarantee it! Leaving more money in your back pocket for the things you really want!

Michael Scott, acting General Manager for firmus energy explains: “Switching to firmus energy is free and extremely easy. It only takes five minutes to submit your details online or over the phone₂ and, because we use the same pipes and the same meter, there’s no disruption to your natural gas supply. Nothing changes except the price! You don’t even have to ring your current supplier, as we contact them on your behalf.
"Not only are firmus energy domestic natural gas prices 10% cheaper₁ than Phoenix but there are lots of other reasons to switch to us. We’re a local company based in Antrim, with local staff and always here when you need us. We like to do things differently - we offer you the lowest possible natural gas prices coupled with a superior customer service.
“Over 20,000 homes and businesses across Northern Ireland have chosen to switch to natural gas from firmus energy, including over 10,000 domestic and business customers in the greater Belfast and Larne area in the last 2 years alone₃.”

“With the cost of living continuing to increase, it’s just common sense for households to shop around for the best fuel prices. If you’re a Phoenix customer and are looking for a better deal₁ this Winter and excellent customer service, it has to be firmus energy,” said Michael.

Switch online at or call us on 0800 032 4567, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1Discounts in comparison to the standard published unit rates for Phoenix Supply’s Home Energy tariff, excluding direct debit discount, and Phoenix Supply’s Pay As You Go tariff. For credit customers, prices are at least 10% less in year 1 and 5% less in year 2. Credit offer is based on payment by direct debit, online account management and quarterly self meter reading. Direct debit discount and minimum usage charge applied quarterly. Discounts are valid from date of switch over the 24 months of the offer. For Pay As You Go customers, prices are 10% less until 31st January 2013 and 5% less from 1st February 2013 until 31st January 2014. Offers open until 31st March 2012. After end dates of the offers standard firmus energy tariff rates may apply. Terms and conditions apply. For more information call 0800 032 4567 or visit
2Five minutes based on time to switch online or on the phone. The full switch process takes around 6 weeks.
₃The Utility Regulator Energy Retail Report, 2011.

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