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Christmas & New Year 2016

As children around the world excitedly wait for Santa to deliver their presents on Christmas Eve, 21 years on a new edition of a classic book has been published which celebrates the lives of children and their childhoods across the continents.

Each child tells their own unique story, voicing their hopes and dreams for the future and giving children here a real insight into what it's like to live in a place very different from their own home...

Meet Cymian
Ten-year-old Cymian lives in Montana in the USA. Cymian is Native American, and he and his family are closely associated with the Shawnee tribe. Only about two per cent of the US population are Native American, so keeping their traditions alive is very important to Cymian’s family. His dad has been teaching him to play the drum, and Cymian’s family keeps a tepee in their garden. Cymian has an older sister Mossy Creek, and a younger brother Mitchell. Their traditional clothes were made by their mother, D’Arcy.

Meet Rafael
Rafael is nine years old and lives in Brazil, which is the largest country in South America. The people in Brazil speak Portuguese. Like many Brazilians, Rafael loves football, but his true passion is skateboarding. Rafael lives in Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city in Brazil. One of Rio’s most famous sights is a statue of Jesus Christ which overlooks the city. Rafael’s nanny, Solange often makes feijoada, which is a traditional black-bean stew with pork.

Meet Clara
Nine-year-old Clara lives in a small village in Germany, Vielau, which is in the hilly green region of Saxony. Germany the country where the tradition of the Christmas tree comes from and Christmas is Clara’s favourite time of year. During the festive season, her father bakes a traditional German cake called stolen, and her great-grandfather carves amazing wooden decorations.

Meet Jedidiah
Jedidiah is seven years old and lives in Ghana, West Africa. English is the official language in Ghana but about 80 languages are spoken there. At home Jedidiah speaks the Twi language, but at school his lessons are in English. He has many hobbies and his most recent one is drumming. In this picture Jedidiah is holding a Fontomfrom or ‘talking drum’. Jedidiah’s family likes to eat healthy food and they grow a lot of their own fruit and vegetables. Jedidiah and his brother Abishua enjoy playing oware, a traditional game very popular all over West Africa. The aim of the game is to capture your opponent’s seeds.

Meet Robert
Robert is from Mongolia, which is between Russia and China. Robert is nine years old and has many hobbies including kickboxing, playing football and basketball. On special occasions, such as Mongolian New Year, Robert wears a traditional costume made by his grandmother. Robert and his family live in Ulaanbaatar, which is the capital city and where one third of Mongolia’s population live. Robert’s favourite season is winter as he loves having snowball fights.

Children Just Like Me is an inspirational book offering children an insight into how other children live around the world. Images and content reproduced with kind permission from DK publishing. Children Just Like Me is published in hardback by RRP £16.99 Age range 7+ years.

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