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24 July 2017

My MineVention

Owen Kinsella, aged 11 from Ballinderry explores the world of Minecraft at Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast.

"If anywhere in the world would make you feel like you were in the Minecraft world it would be the two day long MineVention, in the giant arena that is the Titanic Exhibition Centre.

In the huge tubular arena there were seventeen zones dedicated to Minecraft and gaming. It was jammed packed with fun, everything a Minecraft enthusiast would desire. Some of the famous YouTubers that were there include Tomohawk, SolidarityGaming, InTheLittlewood and ChooChoo.

It was exciting, as well, to have a meet and greet sessions where you could get autographs and ask them questions. There were also young YouTubers, aka FutureTubers, all of whom took part, in at least, nine Minecraft Build Battles each day.

I like the fact that the convention didn't just have Minecraft related things, but a wide variety of games such as Star Wars Battlefront, Mario Cart, Fifa, Final Fantasy and Batman. Speaking of games, there were leaflets given out which allowed you to get a new game, for free, called Tubocity. There were also two buses converted into gaming rooms which were amazing.

In the middle of the arena, there were people dressed up as characters from games, such as Tracer from Overwatch and Gothmog from The Lord of the Rings. Some of the merchandise included Pokemon, Assassins Creed, Fidget Toys, Lego and Minecraft, obviously. There was also a great opportunity to make your own kite and a costume contest.

It was a good thing to see a wide variety of girls and boys and children from different backgrounds, with an emphasis on gaming for children with special needs, and when the day was all over there was a relaxation room for the children to use before going home.

It’s a great day out for any Minecraft fan and I would highly recommend it."

By Owen Kinsella, aged 11.

(MineVention took place at Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast on 22 & 23 July, 2017, for more events visit )

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