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25 November 2016

Beat the Clock with Dale Farm’s Vitamin D Milk

As winter draws in and the days get shorter, Dale Farm has launched a new Vitamin D milk.

Following a recent study from the Public Health Agency (PHA) which revealed blood levels of the vitamin drop significantly for both children and adults between the months of October and March.

The only vitamin produced by the body, vitamin D is largely formed by exposure to sunlight and as a result those living in Northern Ireland do not get enough. People are now reliant on topping up the body’s stores with food sources of the vitamin, and Dale Farm’s new Vitamin D milk aims to tackle the health problems caused by a lack of ‘sunshine’. Deficiency can lead to a number of health issues for both children and adults alike.

The new Vitamin D milk delivers all the other nutritional benefits of milk, with a glass providing 30 per cent of the recommended daily calcium intake. Dale Farm Vitamin D Milk comes in a 1 Litre format and is available now at stores across Northern Ireland.

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