Wednesday, 21 March 2018
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  • Coffee & Catch Up with Kate Quilton

    BAFTA-winning TV presenter Kate co-hosts the successful Channel 4 show Food Unwrapped which explores the scientific research behind certain food myths. . More..

  • A Little Bit Elfish

    Kerry Thomson is writing her own letter to Santa this year.... More..

  • Learning To Fly…

    Kerry Thomson shares a sentiment for starting big school... . More..

  • Holidays. This is what it’s all about.

    Kerry Thomson offers some wise words of parental advice on making the most of your family summer break.... More..

  • Dazzling Dads

    A ‘dazzle’. That’s what you call a large group of zebras. We have thirty of them, which I’m confident counts as a ‘Dazzle’, perched on the kitchen worktops, legs akimbo.... More..

  • Happiness Advice - From One Mum To Another

    Author Natalie Savvides has been called ‘the real Bridget Jones’ on many occasions and her past life experiences have inspired her mission to help every girl, teenager and woman feel less alone, and happier.... More..

  • Go, and love yourself.

    Kerry Thomson discovers, in the most romantic city in the world, that as much as you can LOVE being a mum, you also have to remember to LOVE yourself on occasion too!. More..

  • Happier Healthier You

    New Year, New You? Belinda Maxted, Owner of Believe Fit, offers some words of wisdom for those of us about to take on the get fit challenge for 2017.... More..

  • My Story – Toy Soldier

    The song goes, ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ and, for the majority of us, Christmas is. But for families who have a child on the autistic spectrum, having fabulous festive fun isn’t always quite so easy. . More..

  • My Story

    Mum-of-three Sara McCracken from Belfast is CEO of Angel Eyes NI, a charity she founded after her twins were both registered blind at the age of just five-months-old.. More..

  • My Story

    Mum-of-two Sarah Coates from Carrickfergus will be celebrating her little boy Noah’s 10th birthday this Halloween. Here she shares her family’s heartbreaking story of how seven years ago their life changed forever…. More..

  • My Story

    Grainne Ashe from Belfast, was so determined to help her daughter Rose cope with autism, that she took her entire family on an incredible journey across the Atlantic and ended up becoming the founder of the first Adams Camp outside the USA.. More..

  • My Story

    Ellie Louise Brown from Dungannon is, in many ways, just like any other seven-year-old. An adorable excitable chatterbox in primary four, who loves sport, reading and meeting new friends.. More..

  • My Story

    Cavan O’Neill from Belfast has just turned three, but this little boy wonder has proved that real- life superheroes live in the hearts of small courageous children. . More..

  • My Story

    Thirteen-year-old Meabh Bradley from Glenavy suffers from a condition called Spastic quadriplegia, a subset of spastic cerebral palsy that affects all four limbs. . More..






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