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12 May 2016

RADAR’s safety advice to reach over 30,000 young people in NI

Risk Avoidance Danger Awareness Resource (RADAR) extends educational outreach beyond the centre with launch of new website and online resources on safety and life skills.

Northern Ireland’s first interactive safety centre, RADAR - which is on target to reach out to 30,000 young people from across the province in its opening year - has launched a new website with easy-to-access safety advice for children, teenagers, teachers and parents (

With over 6500 young people already more ‘risk aware’ as a result of their visit to the innovative centre in Belfast, RADAR will offer children and teenagers a safe online space in which to learn potentially life-saving skills on topics ranging from road safety to alcohol and drugs misuse.

The 25,000 sq. ft facility – with amenities ranging from a driving simulator, mock police station and courtroom to full-size Translink bus - will use the web platform to reinforce the tailored training programme delivered to each visiting group, alongside outreach activity to new audiences who have yet to visit the centre.

Additional features of the newly designed website will include a photo gallery curated by visiting children and teenagers, alongside a blog covering the latest news and events taking place at RADAR. An online booking facility for the centre is also available for schools or groups who are interested in planning a visit.

Of the new website Sandra Leo, RADAR Centre Manager, said: “Our aim at RADAR is to deliver a targeted and interactive learning programme for each of our visiting groups – an experience which could not be created within the traditional classroom setting.

“However, we recognise the value of reinforcing the safety messages which the children and young people learn at the centre when they return to their everyday lives. By providing a safe and accessible online space for our visitors to reflect - alongside supporting educational material for their parents and teachers - the new website will ensure their visit to the centre will have a lasting impact.”

Louise Creighton, teacher at Thornfield House School who helped the centre launch the new site, added: “RADAR’s new website will undoubtedly provide a platform for the expert team to share their valuable knowledge of safety - which we witnessed first-hand during our visit - with a wide audience in NI. An online tool which has the potential to protect children from danger, and ultimately save lives.”

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