Come Christmas time, you may think that you don’t have time to make your own cards. Not the case! This adorable robin card is so quick and easy – you can let the kids make them while you sit down for a well-deserved break!

You will need

Thin white card stock (card) measuring 7 x 31⁄2 in. (17 x 8.5 cm)
Tracing paper
Masking tape
Black pen
Red ink-stamping pad

1 Fold the card stock (card) rectangle in half to make a 31/2 in. (8.5 cm) square greetings card.

2 Using tracing paper, draw one of the robins just like in the photograph here. Turn the trace over, place it centrally on the front of the greetings card and go over the lines with a sharp pencil.

3 Remove the trace and go over the lines using a black pen. Make the lines thicker—it doesn’t matter if the lines are a bit wobbly in places, it looks good like that!

4 Press your thumb or finger on the red ink-stamping pad and make a print on the robin to make his red breast.

Be inspired with 52 beautifully simple step-by-step ideas to get you crafting throughout the year.
Craft activity extracted from A Year In Crafts by Clare Youngs, published by CICO Books (RRP £14.99) Photography by © CICO Books.

Wendy McCague


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