Calling all aspiring astronauts and future space scientists! Strap on your moon boots and prepare for liftoff by building your own rocket with the Astronaut Academy…

The best way to find out how rockets work is to make one! By making a balloon rocket,
you’ll see how rockets move forward using propulsion.

MAKE your own ROCKET
You will need:
a straw
a balloon
sticky tape
about 4 m (13 feet) of string

1. Push the string through the straw.
2. Tie each end of the string to the back of a chair and move the chairs apart so that the string is tight.
3. Blow up the balloon, but do not tie it. Pinch the end so the air does not escape.
4. Tape the balloon to the straw. You might need someone to hold the balloon while you do this.
5. Pull the balloon rocket to one end of the string, let go, and watch as it is propelled.

As the air rushes out of the balloon, it forces the balloon to move forwards.

In a full-size rocket, fuel is burned to create a gas that rushes out of the back of the rocket, forcing it forwards in exactly the same way as your balloon.

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Wendy McCague


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