Festive snow globes make great gifts for friends and family and they are lots of fun to make.

You will need

Empty, clean glass jars with lids
Sandpaper (optional)
Silver paint
Strong waterproof glue or waterproof tile adhesive
Christmas decorations to put in jar
Pitcher (jug) and spoon for pouring
Distilled water
Clear dishwashing detergent
Silicon sealant (optional)

1. Paint the lid of the jar (you may wish to sand it lightly before painting) with silver paint and let it dry completely. If required, apply a second coat of paint for better coverage and again let it dry.

2. Use strong glue to attach the decoration to the inside of the jar lid. If the decoration is on the small side, build up a small mound using waterproof tile adhesive and press the decoration firmly into this. Leave until completely dry.

3. Use a pitcher (jug) to pour the distilled water into the jam jar. Fill it almost to the brim. Stir in two teaspoons of glycerine and half a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. Add five or six spoonfuls of glitter to the water. White or silver glitter looks most similar to snow, although bright colours like red or green can look very jolly and festive.

4. Carefully place the lid on the top of the jar and screw the lid tightly in place. Turn the jar upside down, so the Christmas decoration is the right way up.

For a better finish, sand the lid lightly before painting. The jar should be watertight, but you may wish to seal it around the edges with a thin layer of silicon sealant

Craft idea from My First Christmas Craft Book, published by CICO Books RRP £9.99.

Wendy McCague


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