Arts and crafts activities don’t have to be done indoors! Take it outside and enjoy getting creative with nature.

Decorate a tree
You will need
•Ribbon or string
•Natural objects such as twigs. Leaves, dried fruit, feathers
•Coloured wool and beads

1.Get creative! Use your natural objects to make decorations.
2.Attach the ribbon or string by either tying it around your decoration or by cutting a hole and threading it through
3.Find a tree! Use your ribbon or string to attach your decorations to your favourite tree.

Build a miniature raft
You will need
•Large, straight sticks
•String or twine
•Large leaf (or newspaper)
•Wooden lolly sticks

1.Break sticks to roughly the same length and lay them side by side.
Watch out for knobbly bits –avoid too many gaps
2.Tie string around the end of the first stick and tie a tight knot. Thread the string under and around the end of each stick in turn and tie off on last stick.
Tighter than this. Repeat on the other side.
3.Glue wooden lolly sticks over the top of the string lines and leave to dry.
4.Add a thinner stick for a mast – push between middle sticks and glue or drill a hole for it. Use a large leaf or square of newspaper for a sail.
Tie some string to your raft so you don’t lose it!

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Craft idea courtesy of Ulster Wildlife. Illustrations by Corinne Welch.

Wendy McCague


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