Since founding Cosmic Kids Yoga with husband Martin, Jamie Amor can lay claim to being one of the world’s most popular yoga teachers with a YouTube following of up to 100,000 kids every day…

Ni4kids says ‘Namaste’ to the guru of bringing chill-out time to our children.

Passionate about making yoga and meditation fun, and free, online for kids, Jamie’s first YouTube yoga video Squish The Fish in 2012, has now been viewed over one million times. Aimed at four to 8-year-olds, the Cosmic Kids adventures have now been turned into yoga books, giving children the chance to spend more time in their favourite poses. Each book is themed around a specific area of wellbeing, with previously published titles in the series including; Lulu The Lion Cub Learns to ROAR which helps children deal with feelings of frustration and anger by finding and managing their inner power, and Norris The Baby Seahorse Takes On The Bullies which deals with self-confidence and bullying.

New titles, published this January, featured Twilight the Unicorn’s Sleeptime Request which is about using yoga to relax, especially at bedtime, and Sheriff Updown Turns the Bad Guys Good which is an adventure set in the Wild West and explores how we can encourage positivity in ourselves and others. Each story concludes with a relaxation and some affirmations, and contains information to help parents and teachers introduce children to yoga, even if they don’t practise yoga themselves. On the benefits of children taking up yoga Jamie says: “There seems to be pretty universal agreement across a wide range of disciplines that it is officially good for you. This is no surprise to those of us who do yoga, or see kids doing yoga, but it’s great news nonetheless! There is a huge list of important benefits which can come from practising yoga including developing body awareness; building core strength for good posture and overall fitness; learning to manage anxiety and stress through breathing techniques and meditation; enhancing flexibility and increasing confidence and a positive self-image.”

Go on a Yoga Adventure

Just copy these animal-themed yoga moves in the pictures to join in Cosmic Kids’ Wild West adventure…

Here comes Miss Katie coyote. She’s the wild dog of the gang. She loves to howl to scare her enemies. Be a wild dog like Katie. Come onto your hands and knees Press your hands and
feet into the ground and lift your bottom to the sky. Now howl!

Brainshake the rattlesnake slithering silently. Be a snake. Stretch out on your tummy, with your hands under your shoulders. Slowly push up on your hands to lift up your chest.

Hattie the hairy spider comes scuttling along. Be a spider. Stand with your legs as wide as your shoulders. Bend your knees and place your hands on the ground between your feet. Walk your fingers around the back of each foot, like tickly spiders.

When your hands reach the outside of your feet, put them down on the ground. Rest your legs over your arms like a spider.

Find A Class Near You

Help young children understand that happiness can come from within at…

Lough Road Yoga

Kelly Connaghan qualified as a yoga instructor in 2014 with Rainbow Kids Yoga and runs regular family yoga sessions for all ages at her studio in Upper Ballinderry, as well as in local primary schools.

Aimed at children aged from six to 11, her studio kids’ classes are every Tuesday from 4pm to 5.15pm. Kelly says: “I really enjoy it. I have developed good relationships with the kids, and have worked out what works and what doesn’t. I also completed a Mindfulness for Kids course last year and use that in my teaching too. I would really like to bring my classes to a school breakfast club, so the kids can do yoga before the school day starts.”

Find classes and more information on Kelly’s Facebook page by searching ‘Little Lights Kids Yoga with Kelly’ or visit her website at

Mini Me Yoga

Mini Me Yoga empowers parents, teachers and childcare providers to bring 15 minutes of Yoga and mindfulness into a child’s daily life through a two-hour workshop working in pre-schools, schools and private centres as well as homes.

Created by the amazing Kate Bartram-Brown, this wonderful yoga class is for all children ages two to 9 and their parent. Join them for this delightful beginner yoga experience for little ones!

Studies have found that kids’ yoga helps them learn how to release stress, retain more information, and increase confidence and happiness, among other benefits. Positive thinking techniques increase a child’s awareness of the power of their own thoughts and give them access to being the author of their own life.

To support their mission, Mini Me Yoga have developed a two-hour workshop for parents, teachers and childcare providers to teach them what kids’ yoga and positive thinking are all about. Participants walk away with a 15-minutes-a-day routine they can start using right away in the classroom or the home.

The range of Mini Me Yoga positive thinking products are designed to help keep things fun and interactive for kids, while at the same time bringing in and harnessing positive energy.

Extracted images from Sheriff Updown Turns the Bad Guys Good by Jamie Amor. ©Watkins Publishing Hardback £8.99


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