Playing Safe at Bathtime

Following recent revelations that children’s bath toys provide the perfect breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria, ensure your child’s plastic toys are squeaky clean and free from bacteria by following three simple steps. 1.Wash all plastic toys with water and a little washing up liquid to remove visible dirt, and squeeze out any excess water. 2.Prepare a solution using just 1ml (20 drops) of Sterilising Fluid (such as Milton) per litre of water and immerse toys in solution for 15 minutes. 3.Rinse with cold water and leave to dry.NB If bath toys squirt black or discoloured water, discard immediately.


Ultimate Hair & Body Care For Kids

PK Kids is a new unique hair care range for children from a leading authority in hair and scalp health, Philip Kingsley. Containing ultra-mild, yet effective, ingredients such as chamomile extract, which soothes the scalp, and glycerine, to help the hair retain moisture, a stand-out product from the range is the PK Kids Shampoo & Body Wash (£10 for 500ml). Perfect for daily use or travel, the distinctive silky texture is designed to prevent running into eyes, smells incredible and the supersize bottle offers fabulous value lasting up to six months. Suitable for all ages from infancy, buy at

The Scent of Spring

Jenny Glow is the new beautiful fresh fragrance range which offers unbelievable value making it perfect for every day wear. Find all your favourites including Lime, Basil & Mandarin; Nectarine Blossom & Honey and Pomegranate Noir and with prices at only £6.95 for 30 mls, you can afford to splurge on a brand-new collection to keep you smelling sweet all spring long. We also adore the exquisite three-piece perfume, candle and body butter or shower gel sets (£24.99) for a luxurious pay day treat or gorgeous gift. Find exclusively at Gordons Chemists stores or online at


Hair Heaven 

From one of the fastest growing hair companies in the US, Design.ME Hair is an innovative styling and care range which will give your hair sheen, oomph, volume and styling speed. Cruelty and paraben free, liven up your locks with Fab.Me (£18), the mother of all hair treatments which breathes life into your mane with 18 defense, control and fabulousity benefits for all hair types. While Puff.Me (£9.95) is the first ever super-volumising powder spray to pep up medium to thick hair and flagging follicles keeping your barnet full of bounce. Available in Sally stores and online at


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