Liberty Mutual Insurance’s Belfast and Dublin-based technology arm, Liberty IT, has open-sourced AR Madness, an augmented reality (AR) game to encourage more children to learn to code.

Liberty IT have released the game code online for free along with a detailed tutorial so children can create their own augmented reality app using a phone or tablet.

AR Madness was built using ARKit Augmented Reality SDK that allows users to play a game that sits in the real world around them using interactive visual and audio content. Players have 60 seconds to get as many points as possible by shooting down virtual coins using bananas, bathtubs, sheep and other fun missiles.

One of the creators of AR Madness Andrew O’Sullivan, Liberty IT Principal Software Engineer, said:

“Developing AR Madness gave us an opportunity stretch our creativity beyond normal work tasks and build something that willenergise the next generation of coders. We are excited to release the code and tutorial so that children can easily make their own AR games and encourage them to get involved in the tech world.”

For more information about the AR Madness app, please visit for the tutorial and link to the code.

Heather Black

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