These tasty snowman snacks are great fun to make and delicious too!

You will need:

Large white marshmallows
Icing pens – one white and another colour
Pretzel sticks
Red liquorice laces

  1. Use a little bit of white icing to glue two large marshmallows together.
  2. Use coloured icing to add a face to the top marshmallow and poke a pretzel stick through the bottom marshmallow for arms.
  3. Add a red liquorice scarf to complete each snowman.

These little chaps are now ready to ‘chill out’ in your tummy!

Edited excerpt from100 Screen-free Ways to beat Boredom,PB £9.99, QED Publishing. Written by Kris Hirschmann, Illustrations (c) Elisa Paganelli 2018. From craft to cooking, gardening to games, this invaluable little book is jam-packed with fun activities to dip into all year round whenever the kids get bored.


Ellen Greene

Author: Ellen Greene

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