Author, and mum-of-four from Bangor, Rebecca Reid believes it’s time to make the new year all about you…

Happy New Year everyone! And what a fabulous one I hope it will be. There’s nothing like the great fresh start that a new year brings. There are endless possibilities in the weeks and months ahead. Chances for change and growth. Time to reflect on the year gone past and then stare into the great unknown of what is ahead and think boy – this is it! This is my chance! 

There is a little part of everyone who wants change. Big or small, if you search around inside yourself enough, you will find out what it is. Maybe you want a bold new haircut? Maybe your job has been wearing you thin and you think it’s time to look for something new? It could even be a hobby you are dying to try but have never quite found the time. These things that we shy away from, or are simple too scared to embrace are the things we need to do NOW! 

What’s stopping you? We so often forget that every single day we wake up, Mother Nature is giving us a fresh new canvas to make our own. We are waking up full of life, energy flowing through us just begging us to get up and live. For me this new year will be about trying to focus on ‘me’ more. I am often guilty of putting myself on the backburner because my minis and family always, always come first. But mammas out there, this isn’t always the best approach. Yes, in the moment we think it is, but as weeks and months wear on, you can lose yourself in the love for everyone else.

One thing is for absolute sure – if you are not at your best, your family won’t be at its best. So, this year I am determined to make just a little bit more ‘me’ time and embrace the simple things. Like starting a book club with my friends. They’ve been asking me to do this for months and now is the time… with it being a new year and all. I’m going to close the bathroom door for at least one wee a day (because that doesn’t happen in my house, there is always at least one mini in with me) and make time for a long soak in the bath every week. 

This year is full of opportunities and I intend to make the most of them. I want to travel more with the kids. Do a little bit more arts and crafts and discover lots of new walks and forests that we can explore together come rain or shine. My pinkie promise for 2019 is that we will surf more this summer (because cub is older), we will have more family game time (because he can now join in) and we will most certainly laugh every bit as much as last year, because… well, Daddy is still a twit. 

Come on over to Rebecca’s Food Blog @freshfoodliving for lots of easy, healthy recipes for you and your family. 

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