When: Sat 16, Sun 17, Sat 23 & Sun 24 Feb

Where: Exploris Aquarium, Portaferry

Cost: Free with admission to Exploris. Drop In Event

Time: 10.30am – 4pm

The ocean is undoubtedly a formidable presence on earth; covering over 70% of the planet and so deep, the highest mountain peaks can be submerged beneath its waves. Our oceans have a diversity of ecosystems, habitats, and organisms that is unrivalled by anything on land. Our oceans have an extraordinary capacity to store energy, drive our climate and provides us with life-giving oxygen. However, artificial climate change through industrialisation, plastic pollution and human intervention is taking its toll. Exploris want to show visitors how the ocean can provide possible solutions to many of the problems we’re facing today, such as climate change and pollution caused by plastics.

W: nisciencefestival.com

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