‘Poonami’, ‘freezer tapas’ and ‘mum spa’ are among the funniest new phrases most used by modern parents.

The baffling words have been coined to help mums and dads cope with raising kids with 84 per cent of parents frequently using them, and more than a third (35 per cent) admitting to using them so their child doesn’t understand what they really mean.

Overall the most-used quirky parenting word is ‘Mum Bun’ – a hairstyle where harassed mums pull their hair into a topknot.
Four in five parents say terms such as ‘threenager’ – meaning a three-year-old throwing a teenage-style strop.
‘Poonami’, the secret code for a baby’s explosive poo, is favoured by two thirds of mums and dads while ‘Beige rainbow’ and ‘Freezer tapas’ are used by one in five families to describe ready-made playdate food such as chicken nuggets and chips.

Half of mums who responded to the ChannelMum.com poll describe themselves as a ‘mombie’ – a mum who looks like a zombie through lack of sleep. And a quarter of parents confess they ‘iparent’ by giving kids a tablet device to keep them quiet alongside one in nine who have a ‘mum spa’ from the steam when they open the dishwasher.

Nadia Duncan

Author: Nadia Duncan


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