Have you ever wondered how the human body works and wished that you could take asneak peek inside to find out exactly what’s going on? Now thanks to MED-Lab, a new interactive medical-themed exhibition area at W5, you can take an extraordinary and fun journey of discovery into your body! Here’s some fascinating facts all about you…

Weird Science – 13 Amazing Things You Might Not Know About Your Body

1. The human body has 206 bones that vary in shape and size.

2. When we take just one step, our body uses over 200 muscles.

3. There are more than 100,000 kilometres of blood vessels in your body.

4. Exercise makes your heart work harder and makes it stronger.

5. The average human has 2 million sweat glands.

6. Our body has an unbelievable system that works to protect us against infection. From snot to stomach acid, our bodies are a defensive machine.

7. Did you know that snot is one of our body’s first lines of defence?

8. The brain has the most important job in your body, it takes all the sensory information and coordinates every single action you make.

9. Blood takes around 60 seconds to circulate around the whole body.

10. When we look at an ultra sound, the sound waves create a picture showing the soft tissues in our body. The first ultrasounds were used by medics in 1956.

11. Your brain has an entire area dedicated to sensation and how things feel. The sensory cortex allows messages about touch to travel from our bodies to our brains!

12. The Skeletal system is one of the most important systems in our body. Not only does it hold us up and help us move, but it also protects our valuable organs.

13. Our longest bone is our thigh bone, which is called the femur. It’s about one quarter of your height.

NI’s STEM Heroes

Frank Pantridge who invented the life-savingportable defibrillator isfrom County Down.

Jocelyn Bell-Burnell, the world-famous physicist who discovered pulsars, is from Armagh.

Lord Kelvin, otherwise known as the father of physics, was from Belfast.

Annie Mundy the astronomer, otherwise known as the lady computer of Strabane, has a crater on the moon named after her!

John Bell, who was said to be the scientist who proved Einstein wrong, was from Tate’s Avenue in Belfast!

Cross Our Heart – It’s True!

♥ The heart is both an organ and a muscle.
♥ Our heart beats 115,000 times every 24 hours.
♥ The average heart weighs 350g and is the size of your own clenched fist.
♥ A typical resting heart rate for an adult is between 60 and 100 beats a minute.
♥ Did you know that over a lifetime, the human heart pumps enough blood to fill a football stadium?

The only exhibition of its kind in Ireland, MED-Lab offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the amazing systems that keep us alive and, by using advanced imaging technologies, see inside the body. MED-Lab at W5 is in association with Almac Group. Find out more by visiting W5online.co.uk

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