More than a fifth of parents would rather their child earned a decent wage as an adult than grew up to be kind or honest, new research has revealed.

One sixth of mums and dads already have a career in mind for their child, with 25 per cent admitting to deliberately talking about those jobs more than others. The study, conducted on behalf of Siemens, asked the opinions of 2,000 parents across the UK and found that one in 20 admitted they want success for their children above happiness.

More than half of parents are also proactive in encouraging their children to take certain subjects at school, in a bid to lead them towards their career of choice. However, the careers parents want for their children differ between mums and dads. Mothers are more likely to want their children to progress along the path of engineering and manufacturing – 27 per cent compared to 21 per cent of dads. And a third of fathers are keen for their sons or daughters to go into computing or coding, compared to just 13 per cent of mums. NO mothers at all want to see their children enter a profession in sales.

A spokesman for Siemens, said: “Obviously, most parents wish for their children to be happy. What is interesting is that the favoured career choice above all others for mums was engineering and manufacturing, which is encouraging as those entering STEM subjects are our future makers. And dads also recognise that it is important for both girls and boys to embrace technology at school and in years to come.”


Accountancy, banking and finance – Mums, 18 per cent. Dads, 21 per cent.

Business, consulting and management – Mums, 11 per cent. Dads, 17 per cent.

Charity and voluntary work – Mums, 10 per cent. Dads, 12 per cent.

Computer / Coding – Mums, 13 per cent. Dads, 32 per cent.

Creative arts and design – Mums, 14 per cent. Dads, 15 per cent.

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