Dads, they’re like your BFF. Only better! Dr Andy Cope explains why…

  1. Dads are eco-friendly

They don’t purchase lots of clothes. They don’t salivate over shoes. They’re the best at recycling because rather than buying loads of clothes, they save the planet by not disposing of clothesin the first place! Mums require a walk-in wardrobe, dads have two T-Shirts, a jumper, a fave pair of ill-fitting jeans and 12 pairs of pants (one pair for January, February, March…). Even better, dads also take out the rubbish. It’s their only job, but an oh-so-important one.

  1. Dads dig bigger holes in the sand

Check out the beach where, whatever the weather, grown men can be seen digging very large holeswith very small spades. Usually there is a young child nearby, marvelling at the size of the hole whilst wondering when they can get their spade back.

Mums dig shallow moats, dads dig to Australia.

  1. Dads are best at anything to do with water

Indoors, outdoors, it doesn’t matter. Dads rock because we are more fun in the pool, sea, paddling pool and far more handy than mum with a Nerf Super Soaker. It’s a fact: jumping, diving, bombing, throwing, sinking, somersaulting, splashing, surfing and getting warned by the lifeguard… all of it. And they can do all this whilst wearing swimming shorts that don’t really fit anymore.

  1. Dads love silliness

‘Being an idiot’ comes naturally to dads. We’re legends of the silly. We tell Christmas cracker jokes ALL YEAR LONG!

  1. Dads let kids watch stuff they shouldn’t be watching

Why? Because dads are the Guardians of the TV remote control. Dad is the family Silverback, the grunter, the alpha, guarding the TV remote control, flicking between the channels (which annoys mums). It is dad who decides what to watch and what not to watch.  That means kids are allowed to watch the stuff they’re not normally allowed to watch, later than they’re normally allowed to watch it.

  1. Dads are the best at playing

They just are. It’s in our DNA. Boys’ games, girls’ games, everyone’s games. Dads are best at old games but they’re also up for having a go at computer games and are the absolute best at inventinggames. Even better, they celebrate winning in a gloriously inappropriate fashion and pretend not to mind losing.

  1. Dads are the best at bodily functions

All of them. #Fact. We’re the loudest and the proudest of all the ‘natural actions’. Everyone knows it’s better out than in.

  1. Dads are best at dancing

They’ve even got a whole genre named after them. Dads are streets ahead. I mean, there’s no such thing as ‘mum dancing’.

  1. Dads buy way cooler stuff at the supermarket

Dads are not hindered by things such as health and nutrition. When dads visit the supermarket they return with electric drills and sherbet dib-dabs. This creates an excuse for a take-away whilst Dad avoids getting around to the DIY. Accompanying dads to Lidl is a little bit like a shopping trip to Narnia. You can’t make a single meal from it, but it’s all awesome!

  1. Dads don’t ask silly questions

Mums have 20 questions: “How was maths?”;“What did you have for dinner?”; “Did Kylie talk to you today?”; “What homework have you got?”;“Did Mrs Baxter check your homework diary?”; “Did you remember to tell Mr Smith about your dentist appointment?” Blah blah…Dads don’t even know about your dentist appointment and they have no clue who Kylie, Mrs Baxter or Mr Smith are. Dads just ask, “How was your day?” #simples

Simple, playful, silly and eco-friendly. Thanks Dad. x

Dr Andy Cope is a happiness expert and co-author with Will Hussey and Gavin Oattes of Diary of a Brilliant Kid, available from Amazon priced £10.99.

Nadia Duncan

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