Every night, when the sky is clear, it’s filled with twinkling stars. But did you know that it’s full of pictures too? If you draw lines between some of the brightest stars you can find animals…

I have a tail that wags when I’m happy, a big wet nose, and a loud bark. My brightest star is called Sirius, which means “dog star.” It’s the brightest star in all the sky.

I have a big, bushy mane, a long tail, and a loud roar. I am the king of the jungle! My brightest star is called Regulus, which means “little king.”

I have thick, shiny fur, and large, padded feet. In the winter, I like to take a long sleep in my warm den. The stars near my bottom make a famous spoon shape called the Big Dipper or the Plough.

Now that you know what we look like, it will be easier to find us in the real night sky!

Edited excerpt from Animals in the Sky by Sara Gillingham. published by Phaidon on 6 March, £8.95 (phaidon.com)

Nadia Duncan

Author: Nadia Duncan


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