This World First Aid Day (Sat 12 September) the British Red Cross is encouraging everyone to learn lifesaving skills by downloading the first aid app via the app store or Google play.

Children dancing, being bitten by a snake and cooking have all caused first aid injuries at home during lockdown, according to a new survey by British Red Cross to mark World First Aid Day.

The new research, carried out by Opinium, showed that while over half (58%) of parents with children under 14 years old have dealt with an accident at home and almost a third (30%) say they wouldn’t know how to help their child in a first aid emergency in the home. Sixty five per cent of parents admit they feel worried, scared or helpless when dealing with a first aid scenario at home.

During lockdown, first aid emergencies at home included burns as children helped in the kitchen, falling off beds or other objects in the home. Bumps and bruises as children burnt off energy playing at home were also common as were trampoline accidents and choking.

Around two-thirds [65%] of parents of 0-14 year olds think it’s important to learn first aid skills ahead of any potential second lockdown, which is why The British Red Cross has created its simple and easy-to-use first aid app to encourage everyone to learn vital first aid skills in just one minute.

One local Mum who has done a first aid course with the Red Cross says it has made her feel better prepared to deal with any unforeseen emergencies at home. Pippa Jones* lives in Bangor with her two children both under four years of age. Pippa said:

“I’ve always had an interest in first aid ever since I was 10 years old and I did some training. It was at that point I realised I wanted my future to be in care services and first aid was always an important part of my job. I wanted to update my skills because I hadn’t done it in a long time and now that I’m a parent I wanted to look specifically at paediatric first aid training.

“Bangor Sure Start had organised a First Aid for Baby and Child training course with the Red Cross back in February, just before lockdown. It was brilliant. I found it really useful as it covered paediatrics and childhood illnesses, what to do when a child is unresponsive, if they need CPR, febrile seizures, different temperatures, choking, meningitis etc. I left feeling like I was really well prepared should anything happen. It’s definitely something I’d recommend other people do before any potential second lockdown. You just never know when you might need it.”

First aid skills you can learn in one minute on the Red Cross first aid app include:

  • How to help a child who is choking
  • How to help a child with a broken bone
  • How to help a child with burns
  • How to help a child with head injury

After ten years of campaigning from the British Red Cross and other organisations, school children in England will learn lifesaving skills as part of the school curriculum to empower a future generation of lifesavers. The British Red Cross is also calling for first aid to become a compulsory part of the school curriculum in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The British Red Cross has developed a free first aid app. Once downloaded, the app is designed to work even when internet connections are unavailable, and will guide the user through emergencies situations, as well as providing training and games. Download the first aid app via the app store or Google play.

*Name has been changed 

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